Easter Weekend Here!

Well today has been another really busy one.  Thankfully College Girl made it home for the weekend so I have had help.  We are planning a big ol cookout tomorrow afternoon for all of our family here.  Wanna join us?  Well pop on over.  I have wanted to do a peeps sunflower cake for College Girl for some time.  She loves peeps and sunflowers are her favorites.  So it was just a natural to do it for this weekend.  You can get the main idea here.  We plan on making the sides green though.

Now cooking out is always a BIG thing to us.  But College Girl is still getting her mojo on when it comes to cooking.  I have a cookbook that I feel is great for her as she is getting out on her own more.  It has a lot of basic recipes and versions to alter them.  It says it is The Mom 100 Cookbook by Katie Workman.   Founding editor-in-chief of Cookstr.com, Katie Workman writes about food and cooking for several websites and magazines.  I am not to sure these are really guided toward young children.  Many of the dishes had spices I did not think kids would really like.  Sharp flavors and some even had alcohol in them!  But I did think it was a great cookbook for starting out with different cuisines.  You check it out and see what you think?

So what are your plans this weekend?  Easter egg hunt?  Traditional Sunday meal?  Or are you looking to dye your hair pink with wavy blue lines through it and celebrate with wild abandon?

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