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Today has been a very full one for me.  I can not believe it is so late and I am just now getting to even touch the computer at all.  But as the same time the shot that was done to my knee yesterday must be working.  Because I have been able to get so much done today.  Here is the SHORT list:

1. Wash clothes and HUNG them up to dry
2. Did dishes 3 times today
3. Cleaned every bit of my large front porch from sweeping to rearranging and setting up both Granny M's garden center for the spring as well as out door toy central for the Grandbabes
4. Swept
5. Raked all of the dog yard and dumped everything (including the tons of the stuff falling from the trees covering everything!)
6. Drove to the neighboring city for some errands that had to be done there.
7. 2 major trips to the store to stock up on sales and Easter
8. Cleaned up from all the mess the kittens are making plus all the feeding and cleaning for our hoards of pets

And my knee does NOT hurt!  This is wonderful for I feel like me again.  It has been over a year since I could do so much and not be in non-stop pain.  I am amazed.

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Now on to my next plans.  In May we will be having our Grandbabes birthdays.  My granddaughter has asked for comic books.  I did find some that I felt were age appropriate.  That took some time to do.  Now she has a real tom boyish side to her and enjoys many of the super heros.  I thought that beside the comic books she would also enjoy the latest Ben 10 Ultimate Alien DVD.  It is a 10 episode 2 DVD set that will be released April 17 but can be pre-ordered now.  This strikes me very much as a comic book on cartoon forum.  I love that it is from Cartoon Network for there are so many of the shows they have that are quality.  I know that there are episodes on Cartoon Network on Saturday mornings but she does not get much TV time.  So it is best if she can pick and choose when she has time to watch a show.

But I still have to figure out what else I am going to do for my grandson.  He will be 4 years old.  I love the pillow with the cuddle cover I have for him.  But what else?  Any ideas from anyone?  I am ready for something really awesome but in a budget too.  Help me out.

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  1. Ok... now I see who had all of the Energy!!! Wooo you made me tired just reading everything you were able to get done... glad your knee isn't aching.... hopefully that continues...
    Take Care


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