Howdy Everyone!

Today has been a busy one for me. Doctor appointments, breakfast with College Girl, getting hit on at the grocery store (really!), Easter egg hunt at the city park with Princess Emma and still house/dog sitting. I am telling you it will be time for the hot tub really soon.

I am so so so popular today that I may just need to have a lil escort service to help keep all the media away. Ha Ha! Sure. But it was nice to see 4 new items in the mail today. You will be getting to see them really soon. Oh and gifts have arrived also this week. I plan on sharing with you about my goodies! But most of all I wanted to tell every one here thanks so for stopping by so often. It makes me feel so wonderful to have loyal friends and readers. I am sure you have seen the giveaways listed over in the right hand column. I promise you there are more to come. Keep watching. I have some planned every week for a lil while. Kuddos to College Girl for all of her hard work too. She will be directing her first one act play this month!

 Princess Emma is excited to not only have had an egg hunt today but to be going to the city wide egg hunt on Saturday. Comanche does this every year for all the kiddos. I promise you it will be very very large. I can just see the crowd control. I know they are doing the hunts divided up by age group. Thus it is not all the kids at one time killing each other for that chocolate bunny melting in the sun. The city is great about setting up barricades to keep all of the cars out of the park too. I am going to be helping with some of the stands. I am not sure if it will be the face painting, popcorn station (eat all I can?) or one of the bouncy houses. I pray it is not keeping the kids in order though! Whew what a job that will be. But the kids have a blast and that is really the greatest part of it all. Well gotta go get in that hot tub. Therapy for my knee right? Sure, sure....we will call it that.

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