Dogs Are The Best

Yes this is how my dogs share with me every morning.  I am so lucky to be so loved.  A wet nose is one of my morning starts.  The thump thump thump of a wagging tail makes my heart beat in tune.

It is great to hear their feet pad across the floor in the morning too.  Checking to make sure the house and yard are safe and sound.  Hearing them curl up at the foot of the bed on their bed to rest.  Waiting for them to rest a moment but knowing it will not be long before that nose will be back in my face telling me it is time to wake up.  

A Personal Message To Tyler V

Tyler this is a personal post just for you.  I am sure your not going to see it and that is okay.  Well not really as I wish you could see it.   But understand that you most likely will not.  As this is my space and I have chosen to do as I please with it this year then here I go.

Your an amazing young man.  You are going to be a fantastic gentleman to a lovely lady one day.  Take your time, there really is no rush.  God has a woman intended for you in his good time.  Just pray for her to be there for you when it is right and that you have the great judgement to recognize her.  When you do remember she is the precocious treasure you asked for and treat her as such for all of your life.  Give her 100% of your love and never expect that much back for you will be overwhelmed by even half of that.

Keep your joy and zest for life.  It is a God given gift that will keep you happy throughout.  That is the endure to the end part that will help you do just that.  It is also the part that will help you relate to your children one day.  The joy of life is the happiness we have been given as we travel this world.  It will be magnified as you share it with others as you did with us.  Not everyone has that natural talent to love automatically and to give it out so freely.

I also want to tell you to slow down but know it is silly of me to do so.  You have the energy of a young man with the drive to go to the next 10 steps of your life.  Just remember you need to do them in order so you learn as you go along. Otherwise they become stumbling blocks instead of stairs of growth.  Keep on your path, not anyone else.  Pray and listen to God's direction for you.  He has a plan.  It is going to be an exciting one.  Your not meant for a quiet dull life.

Now here is what I have been trying so hard to make sure to convey to you the most.  Thank you so much for sharing your vulnerability with us.  Thank you for telling us of the times you failed.  Thank you for letting us know that you strived to be better and even then temptation was so strong that it often won.  Thank you for sharing your heart for when you have prayed for discernment and your prayers were answered.  More so that those prayers took time as it also took you time to be ready for those answers.  In your sharing, in your eyes as you shared, as your voice trembled, while your heart opened you, it was in that moment that I was able to hear God speaking to me.  You are an instrument that has been used to change a life.  I feel strongly that you will continue to be one of God's tools for others as long as you keep your heart open and your spirit willing.  If you had not done your roll then I would not have been able to make my decision.  Tyler you are very important to life!


I was listening to a podcast about goal setting.  This is an area that I have been trying to be attentive to.  Since having been successful in my goals from last year, I have gained confidence that I can now meet other major goals.  Of course having a positive mind set is a major step.

So have you set new goals this year?  How are they fairing now that the first month is almost over?  Are you renewing your desire to succeed?  What is your plans to achieve your goals?

For us we started by setting new budget goals.  Our first step was to go on a financial diet for the whole month of January.  This was to give us a base of what do we really have in income, bills and needs.  This is the basis of the budget we will be setting up starting next month.  Our six month goal is to have some loans paid off, freeing up some income to go toward savings.  And our yearly goal is to have prepared a new way of thinking where spending is not something we turn to but something we turn away from.


Well I told you I would share some photos when they came.  So here we go.....

We will start off with the three of us getting ready for our Baptism.  Now you will see several of us in white.  It is Dear Hubby, myself and my BFF up front then behind us are the three special men who agreed to preform our baptism.  In the suits and ties are the three missionaries that have helped us so in learning and guiding us here the last 6 months.  We owe so much to these young men and are ever so thankful for all the time they have spent at our dining table.

Here you see the amazing support and love we have!  Yes you see 49 people in this photo.  All there to share with us and to help us in this new step in our lives.  It was amazing that so many was so willing to do so much to make this day perfect.  I do not even know how to thank them.   To have our family, friends and church all combined is the best feeling ever.

And another very bittersweet moment.  Today was our very last day with this Elder.  His last stop before he returned to pack his bags.  Tomorrow he will be on the very last leg of returning home and by Wednesday his mother will be so thrilled to have her son home again.  His two years mission trip will be over.  I love this young man.  I owe him so much.  If he had not shared where he had failed and how he had not been pure of heart I would never have listened to him.  But in doing that when he opened up his heart and told me what he knew, how he felt and the truths he has learned... I heard him.  My soul knew he spoke of something I had prayed for.  And in that I had to search deeply within myself to see if I was strong enough and brave enough to reach out for what was being offered to me.  I know of no way to thank him for sharing his heart with us.  But he took a good portion of mine home with him.