Long Time No See

Yeah, it has been a long time since I have been here.  And to tell you the truth I totally miss Y'all! So with many things I am doing this year, I think I will come back to my lil home here online.  Now I am pretty sure no one else is really here but me, but it will be a good place for me anyway.

So are blogs long gone now?  Passe' as they say?  But oh well, it started off as a place for me to just talk.  Sorta like a personal online journal.  Most likely it will be that all over again.  If you by any chance came by and visited, then take the time to say a good ol' howdy to me.  The comments are just below and it sure would make me smile.

In the meantime, here is a lil bit of joy from me to you!!!

Doing What I Do

My goodness, I have been one busy lil bee.
 Skittering from here to there like a bunny dodging a hawk.  But truly that is the way I like things to happen.  Me busy, not being to still and having a full day of activity.

Sometimes I wonder why it is that this is what makes me happy.  Sure I get tired.  Who doesn't?  But even in that I still am most often the one who would get up and tackle the next chore.

So an example of a day for me?  Well, let's take Sunday of this week. I was up by 6 a.m. and putting up the dinner dishes I had washed the night before.  Then I folded a load of laundry, put it up and started the next load to dry.  Made a pot of "coffee" (I use Teeccino, a herbal alternative) and set out some items for a quick breakfast.  On to the computer to set up the church bulletin and my lesson for relief society.  Done with that I hung the second load of laundry and put it up while starting the last load for the day. Then I woke up the hubby at 8 a.m. so he would be ready for church by 9 a.m.  Dressed, makeup and gathered up the table clothes I had washed for church this week.  Loaded up the car and washed the breakfast dishes up.  Got to church and printed the bulletins, set up the music for service and prepared my room for our lessons for relief society.  Then was able to visit a bit before church started at 10 a.m.  3 hours later we had finished with sacrament meeting, Sunday school, and our group sessions. Loaded back up my stuff into the car and back home we went.  Made lunch, washed up those dishes and put all of them away.  Hung up the last load of laundry, cleaned up dog yard (always a stinky job), watered the flowers, herbs and veggie gardens.  Sowed the watermelon patch and watered it too. Also fed the chickens, dogs, and cat. Swept the house (oh my the dog hair and dirt!), mopped and started dinner.  Made red velvet brownies for dessert, set the table, washed the cooking pots and pans and enjoyed a meal for 6 with our guest. Finished and cleaned the table (twice, once from dinner and again after our dessert), then did up the dinner dishes.  By now it is 8 p.m. and was happy to crawl into bed so I could go online some and then read a book before crashing out a 9 p.m.  Yeppers that is how a 15 hour day normally looks for me.  And to tell the truth, I was not that busy.  Just doing as I put it.  Did not have to go and clean anyone else's home, care for any other pets than my own and no shopping trips or such.  

Snack Time

Yes, I am hungry.  Nothing really new is it?  But you know how I love love love carbs....of course, who doesn't.  I do not like what all carbs do to me, though.  So it is important to get good food that is good for me that taste good and is made well, good.  Just how do you hit all of this at one time?

Almondina Toastees is my favorite go to snack.  They have the crunch, flavor and just all around amazing....goodness.  Now I am a sucker for a good crunchy biscuit.  Add in flavors such as Cranberry Almond, Sesame Almond, Coconut Orange or Lemon Poppy and you have snack heaven.  Past the wonderful flavors is the factors of no added fat, no cholesterol or salt or trans fat or preservatives.  For those who are lactose intolerant they are dairy free!  

So what is the negative on this snack treat?  NONE, nope not guilt, great flavor and satisfying crunch.  So help yourself....soon!

How?  Well how about winning some right here.  You can win 3 full size packages.  My favorite is always cranberry almond.  I was shocked at how grat the sesame almond was also, toasted nutty flavor.  And who would not want the hawaiian flavors of coconut orange?  The Lemon Poppy is perfect with a hot cup of herbal tea.  Entry is easy.  Just leave a comment here on this post.  I will pick a winner by random choice.  Make sure you leave your e-mail so I can contact you!

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Guess what?

Come on.....


I am going to get to be a new Nonnie once again!

Yes, my baby is having her baby!  Such happiness and joy.  And of course that means I get to shower her with gifts.  

You know what one of the very first ones would be.....

You know.......yes of course.....A BOOK!

I always make sure my grandbabes have plenty of books.  And their first one this time will be Baby Touch and Feel "I Love You". It is always great to have a book that is interactive for small hands.  Touching the different sensations as well as seeing the bold colors. Also coming this spring, a new lap board book by DK. Cleverly designed in a large trim size, 100 First Words (On-sale March 7, 2017; $9.99) is the start of baby’s learning adventure. Crystal-clear photos show the wonder of the real world, from baby’s body to baby’s food, while delightful illustrations tell simple stories that foster learning, from penguins playing in the snow to a mouse climbing a ladder.

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Roasted Goodness

So fall is over with....


Okay, I am one of those people who is in love with roasted pumpkin......everything!

So I hoard pumpkins for as long as I can to cook with.  But eventually I do have to do just that....cook them.  Which I do.  Just slice in half, scoop out the seeds and roast in the oven.

Then you can scoop out the inside goodness and blend away.  Thus you have fresh roasted pumpkin to store in your freezer to use all year.

This year I have a new Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO.   It comes complete with a food processor, this all-in-one kitchen innovation combines Ninja’s powerful Nutrient and Vitamin Extraction with the all-new Nutrient Fusion so you can unlock the full potential of ordinary fruits and vegetables while bringing together fresh, vibrant ingredients for flavorful snacks, meals, and desserts. 

I had it go head to head with my old Ninja from 2014.  Yes!  My old one is 3 years old and is still going strong.  Ninja's are just that good folks.  

So I blended my roasted pumpkin in both of my Ninja's.  And surprising enough the texture was the same in both of them.  Surprised?  Well, I guess I was.  I thought maybe one would outdo the other.  But hey, you know....a great product is just that, a great product.  How wonderful it is to know that a company can put out such quality continuously. 

But I will tell you something!  Using my new Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO did make it so much easier to make my vanilla pumpkin soup.  I was able to use the fusion control and really have an amazingly smooth and creamy soup.

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Fresh As A....

Daisy!  Right?  Nope....


That is it...fresh as lemongrass.   Yes, I have finally found a product in lemongrass that I love the scent of.  That would be Method Kitchen Hand Wash in lemongrass.  It has been in the past with cleaning products that I thought there was an off scent to lemongrass when I have always hoped for something that is light and clean.  You can not imagine how happy I was to wash my hands and breath in the scent of a warm summer day!

But here is the best part ever!  Method Kitchen Hand Wash also gets rid of those scents that linger when you're fixing the dinner magic.  I have had lingering scents of onions, garlic, and ginger all wash away since using this new hand wash.  And I am eager to try out the other scents of thyme, clementine and basil!

This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. I received the product in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Spoiled Rotten

Do you love your pets as if they were your family?  Well, I do!  My four fur babies are what calm me.  Petting them as they wiggle and lick me always makes me laugh.  To see such joy from them, knowing how happy they are to just be loved on.  It makes me want to do all I can do to show them they are vital and important in my life.  Thus a little spoiling here and there goes a long way.

Lately, our youngest is a foster from our city pound.  She is all legs and teeth right now.  Wanting to chew as it is the stage of puppyhood we all know so well.  The best thing we have ever found is to have TONS of toys around for her to have access too.  Also not to freak out when there is the occasional slip up on what she decides to chew on.  Most often if we as "parents" had kept our belongings out of range then she would not have chewed on them.  One of the favorite tail-wagging treats is Pup-peroni sticks.  And of course, you know how hard it is for them to eat just one.  Thankfully I can break them into bite size bits. I think of these as doggie beef sticks.

Now at the very same time, it is also important to give healthy treats to our four-legged darlings.  The deserve to be fed food of quality.  I know that good food is important to my diet as well as theirs.  We have loved sharing Farmer's Medley Biscuits by Milk-Bone with our fur babies.  And I promise you these treats have not gone by the wayside with them like others have.  Sometimes they have actually snarled their little lips at dull tasting treats.  Instead, these are lapped up and crunched away on in an instant.  I really love that my littlest dog can easily eat them!

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Rainbow Tint

You have heard of looking at life through rose colored glasses.  Where you try to see life as a "rosy" outlook.  Taking it in optimistically.  Or better yet smelling the perfume but not feeling the thorns.

Well, I am having a little more skewed outlook.  Instead, I am doing my best to see life through rainbow colored eyes.  Or more so, prism glasses that create a rainbow hue on the edges of things.

I have one eye that pulls in due to muscle damage.  So there are prisms on my glasses to help me with double vision.  I am glad for the help and more so for the new outlook on life.  If I can remember that inside a person are the rainbow effects I am now seeing on the outside, then I will learn to see their beauty and not their flaws.

I think this is better than just having a rosy outlook on life.  Instead, I am truly desiring to see the best of their spirit.  Maybe this is a better way to start a new year.


Oh, my I hate how cold it is getting.  Yeah, I am such a wimp to cold weather.  My toes and fingers freeze so easy.  All I wish to do is find a heater to curl up on top of!  Sadly I am not a cat and don't fit within the pipes.

Thus I am wearing 2 pairs of socks and house shoes while I am trying to do some chores around the house.  Hopefully moving around will also keep me warm.  Of course every now and then I manage to have a hot flash.  Lovely menopause!  So from freezing pain to melting flesh in 3 seconds.  Then of course once I am through sweating all over I go back to freezing.  Yet worse since I am now wet with sweat that is then making me even colder.

Okay well off to work around the house and time to keep warm.  Have a good day!

Time To Shark It!

So being that I live in the dustiest town in Texas, my house is in a constant need of cleaning.  Let's not add in that it is 90+ years old and has NO insulation of any kind.  Top that off with 4 dogs and a cat.  (We currently have the "Puppy 5000" going on where they race around the house to see who can stir up the most dirt!)  With all these animals I would be crazy if we did not have a doggie door for them to track in even more dirt....I mean go outside to do their daily business of barking and stalking birds.  I am sure you can guess that there is dog hair, cat hair, dirt and dust all over my house.  I sweep every single day.  I also mop every single day.  And I dust at least once every single day.  Not that you could tell.

So if you do not think I have not used many different ways to clean these floors your as crazy as I am.  I have two different vacuum cleaners now and not happy with the way either one of them preforms.  Thus that is why I sweep my floors all the time.  I have one lil ol thing thing that does nothing but push the dirt around.  I mean every time I use it the canister is empty.  Thus it sits in the corner collecting even more dust.  Beside it is an upright that is supposed to be great.  Hepa filter and all...big, bulky and just as useless.  I think that these two non suction suckers are just laughing at me every time I turn them on.
Thus, when Shark offered me a new Shark Rocket with Duo Clean technology that will not only do my hardwood floors but also my small carpets, you bet I said yes!  The Duo Clean means that there is both a brush and a roller that ensures that both the bigger items and the smaller ones will be picked up.  It arrived while I was gone so today I opened up the box to see what was there.
Yes there was a little set up but it was really easy.  No worrying on what fit where and how...pretty much look, place, click and go. Also I loved that this was lightweight. I am not lugging around a dragon of a machine.  Top it off I can not only clean my floors but I can use the tools to dust (how I need that), clean the pet hair off the furniture, get up high onto the ceiling fans and those cob webs that get up into our 10 foot ceilings (it did reach all the way up too!) as well as under the furniture...even the couch!
 You see you can take the small motor portion with the dirt catcher and attach smaller tools or you can put it on the main portion for doing the floors.  Really versatile. And a great LONG 30 foot cord.  That made me really happy.  I plugged in at the front of the house and was able to reach 2/3rds of all of my home without having to change plugs.

Just look at how much dirt it picked up in the front 3 rooms of my house! Yeah that is my hand there and that pile is huge!  Dirt, dust, pet hair and all was just on my floors.  I did not even get under all the furniture yet!
I am going to use the special tool for going up under the couch, chairs and bed.  Here it is fully extended and takes up almost all of my dining table in length.  You don't think that will get up under all your furniture?

And when your all done it tucks away easy.  You put the motor portion onto a special lil holder so it will not tip over.  I placed all of my tools in the carry bag and added it to the machine for storage.  Now time for me to toss out the old dragon and wimp cleaners and have a place of honor for my lovely Shark!

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