Rainbow Tint

You have heard of looking at life through rose colored glasses.  Where you try to see life as a "rosy" outlook.  Taking it in optimistically.  Or better yet smelling the perfume but not feeling the thorns.

Well, I am having a little more skewed outlook.  Instead, I am doing my best to see life through rainbow colored eyes.  Or more so, prism glasses that create a rainbow hue on the edges of things.

I have one eye that pulls in due to muscle damage.  So there are prisms on my glasses to help me with double vision.  I am glad for the help and more so for the new outlook on life.  If I can remember that inside a person are the rainbow effects I am now seeing on the outside, then I will learn to see their beauty and not their flaws.

I think this is better than just having a rosy outlook on life.  Instead, I am truly desiring to see the best of their spirit.  Maybe this is a better way to start a new year.


Oh, my I hate how cold it is getting.  Yeah, I am such a wimp to cold weather.  My toes and fingers freeze so easy.  All I wish to do is find a heater to curl up on top of!  Sadly I am not a cat and don't fit within the pipes.

Thus I am wearing 2 pairs of socks and house shoes while I am trying to do some chores around the house.  Hopefully moving around will also keep me warm.  Of course every now and then I manage to have a hot flash.  Lovely menopause!  So from freezing pain to melting flesh in 3 seconds.  Then of course once I am through sweating all over I go back to freezing.  Yet worse since I am now wet with sweat that is then making me even colder.

Okay well off to work around the house and time to keep warm.  Have a good day!

Time To Shark It!

So being that I live in the dustiest town in Texas, my house is in a constant need of cleaning.  Let's not add in that it is 90+ years old and has NO insulation of any kind.  Top that off with 4 dogs and a cat.  (We currently have the "Puppy 5000" going on where they race around the house to see who can stir up the most dirt!)  With all these animals I would be crazy if we did not have a doggie door for them to track in even more dirt....I mean go outside to do their daily business of barking and stalking birds.  I am sure you can guess that there is dog hair, cat hair, dirt and dust all over my house.  I sweep every single day.  I also mop every single day.  And I dust at least once every single day.  Not that you could tell.

So if you do not think I have not used many different ways to clean these floors your as crazy as I am.  I have two different vacuum cleaners now and not happy with the way either one of them preforms.  Thus that is why I sweep my floors all the time.  I have one lil ol thing thing that does nothing but push the dirt around.  I mean every time I use it the canister is empty.  Thus it sits in the corner collecting even more dust.  Beside it is an upright that is supposed to be great.  Hepa filter and all...big, bulky and just as useless.  I think that these two non suction suckers are just laughing at me every time I turn them on.
Thus, when Shark offered me a new Shark Rocket with Duo Clean technology that will not only do my hardwood floors but also my small carpets, you bet I said yes!  The Duo Clean means that there is both a brush and a roller that ensures that both the bigger items and the smaller ones will be picked up.  It arrived while I was gone so today I opened up the box to see what was there.
Yes there was a little set up but it was really easy.  No worrying on what fit where and how...pretty much look, place, click and go. Also I loved that this was lightweight. I am not lugging around a dragon of a machine.  Top it off I can not only clean my floors but I can use the tools to dust (how I need that), clean the pet hair off the furniture, get up high onto the ceiling fans and those cob webs that get up into our 10 foot ceilings (it did reach all the way up too!) as well as under the furniture...even the couch!
 You see you can take the small motor portion with the dirt catcher and attach smaller tools or you can put it on the main portion for doing the floors.  Really versatile. And a great LONG 30 foot cord.  That made me really happy.  I plugged in at the front of the house and was able to reach 2/3rds of all of my home without having to change plugs.

Just look at how much dirt it picked up in the front 3 rooms of my house! Yeah that is my hand there and that pile is huge!  Dirt, dust, pet hair and all was just on my floors.  I did not even get under all the furniture yet!
I am going to use the special tool for going up under the couch, chairs and bed.  Here it is fully extended and takes up almost all of my dining table in length.  You don't think that will get up under all your furniture?

And when your all done it tucks away easy.  You put the motor portion onto a special lil holder so it will not tip over.  I placed all of my tools in the carry bag and added it to the machine for storage.  Now time for me to toss out the old dragon and wimp cleaners and have a place of honor for my lovely Shark!

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Waltzing Across Texas--Mad Demon Style

Well, I made a long mad dash across Texas last night to get back home.  Crawled in bed at 4:30 a.m. and a short 3.5 hours later I crawled back out.  At least I did get some sleep after a 6-hour drive home.  And I did make it home safe and sound.  So all in all life is going well.

Of course, I needed to get up and get moving to take care of things around the house.  I started off with a much-needed bath.  Then unloading the car and all the stuff I brought back home with me.  I used my chance being in 'the big city' to get me some more Teeccino herbal caffeine free coffee replacement.  Our lil town does not have this and it has truly been something that I love to have on hand.
The next stop was 80 miles into my trip home at one of the largest convenience stores ever!  Buc-Ee's in Waller Texas is a grocery store size convenience store.  Huge...just huge!  Anyway, it is also a place that I know I can always find Rufus Teague BBQ sauce.  If you are ever looking for the best BBQ sauce in the world then pick up a bottle of Rufus Teague!

Finally at home and going to have to hit the ground running.  I have a busy month ahead of me.  But first I think I will have a bite to eat and take the time to love on my doggies.  They thought I had run off and left them for good!

I DID NOT receive one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Day 1 Again

Hey, folks!

Welcome to 2017.  You ready for a whole brand new year?  Yeah me too.  So how is it starting off for you?

Me?  Well, I hope that the first day of the year does not totally make up what the year will be like.  Why?  Well, I am not home, to begin with.  As a matter of fact, I am half a state (and in Texas that is some mileage) away from home and without my Dear Hubby.  Yeah, house/dog sitting once again.  My third home since before Christmas as a matter of fact.

So what does one do that is continually hopping from house to house and spending lots of time alone....(if you don't count all the dogs?)  Well I read.  LOTS!  And I just finished three books this month.  One was the Book of Mormon.  Yeah, may not be on your reading list but it was on mine.  And I did finish it on my schedule as I had hoped.  Why is it that we can pop out a novel in no time but when it comes to reading scriptures we drag our feet?  It would be lovely if the truth was that we were truly pondering over the words of Heavenly Father.  But I bet that the majority of us (those without a halo) are really not focusing as strongly as we should when we are studying the scriptures.  I pray that I will change for the better when it comes to learning.

So what else did I just finish?  Well, two books by one of my favorite authors, Ken Dalton.  You have heard me talk about his books featuring Pinkie and Bear.  He has his latest out, The Unsavory Critic, met all of my expectations.  I love dropping back in with my friends.  Hearing of the latest adventures and travels makes me smile.  This time we met up with Pinkie as he is being brushed off by his heartthrob.  Then gets mixed up with one too many jobs and not enough of him to get around.  Jetting across the country from coast to coast trying to keep from picking up a new pair of cinder boots.  Thankfully Bear and Flo are at the ready to jump in and make a skirmish to the west coast and a hop across the pond to chase down a fleeing suspect.  Now you know I am not going to tell you what is going on, but I will tell you that I was not let down.  Be it the dashing adventure, quick wit or bold storyline....I loved it!

I also want to tell Ken, thank you for making me feel like a million bucks.  "Thank You!"  You see he was kind enough to have one of my reviews posted on the cover of Brother Can You Spare a Dime?  It was listed with my blog name of Crazed Mind.  I was tickled as you can imagine.
But this time Ken put up another of my reviews on the cover of The Unsavory Critic.  This time it was under my own name, Lenore Webb.  Yes, me...not just my blog....me.  I screamed with excitement.  Once again, thank you, Ken.

Now you would think that having one new book published this year would be quite a feat.  But no, not Ken Dalton.  He published two!  And it is the second book, Polio and Me, that was really worth reading.  This one was not a mystery but a true adventure.  A real life adventure, one that Ken lived.  Here he was able to take us to a time in life that hardships had to be overcome with grit and determination.  I imagine he meant to share his experiences of polio so we could learn from it.  And yes, I did.  But more so, I see how he managed to grow into a man of conviction and strength.  Ken tells of the medical conditions that plagued his body while his mind was contriving adventures.  I can see how his storytelling was developed.  Also, the back story shows dedication to his family.  Pressing a strong desire to be not only a good example but to share growth with his children, grand, and great grandchildren.  Outstanding work.

I have treasured many of Ken's books.  He has been kind enough to send me autographed books.  But Polio and Me has taken first place on my bookshelf.  When I read truth I have to honor it.  For me, The Book of Mormon is one of truth and strength, that helps me grow into a God loving woman.  Ken Dalton's book, Polio and Me, also one of truth and strength.  One that helps me to know that adversity can be overcome.  We all have different problems that form us.  But if we strive to grow from them and through them, then we come out on the other side stronger.  More so, we also can remember that life was meant to be enjoyed, not endured!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Up & Down

Life goes up and life goes down, for all of us.  You know, those days that everything is amazing and then the other days that it is hard to open your eyes.  We all have this happen at one time or the other.

Currently I am trying to understand how to keep the smile on my face when inside it is all torn up.  The worst part is that life is okay.  Nothing is wrong.  But the chemical imbalance does effect the way I think, view things and react.  This part of chronic depression is not only physically exhausting, it is also mentally havoc.  When you can not think clearly then it is even harder to understand what is really going on around you and not let your emotions come into play.

I only know that my emotions are running around like lil electrical shocks.  Hitting me here and there, not really knowing where I will feel it next.  But knowing that no matter all the good around me (and there is plenty of it) that shock is going to take me back another step.  Before you know it, your whole system is on edge and thinking clearly is out the window.

I know I am ranting here.  Forgive me, but at the same time this is my place.  And if I can not sound out here then where is safe.  No nothing is wrong at all.  Just my chemical imbalance having fun with me.  I give up....tomorrow I am seeing my Doctor to check out some medication changes.

Up and Moving

Well it is time for Walk Across Texas once again.  It is a program to help people get up and get active once again.  Every year this is sponsored by AgriLife Extension.  There are teams of eight that try to walk a total of 840 miles in eight weeks.

The first year I did this all alone and did the whole 840 miles.  Last year I captained a team that placed fourth in our county.  This year our same team, "Take A Hike", is hoping to make it up to first place.  The first week just passed and we have made our goal to start off.  That helps us be more determined to move, move, move.

Also I put on a few pounds in the last year.  Hopefully I can take some of it off during this time too.  This last week I managed to take off three of those extra pounds.  So this too makes me feel happy and hopeful.  Now just to keep this up!

Anyway I just wanted to share what we are doing to get up and moving.  If you want to join in you can.  Just get up and go.  You can track your miles at MapMyWalk.com and log on to WalkAcrossTexas.tamu.edu if you wish to compete with us.


Oh how I hate to tell myself how wrong I am.  Don't you?  I mean when we see that we screwed up and let ourselves get out of line.  Then we have to admit that we screwed up and that we have to fix it.

For me it is that I have become selfish in my heart, letting pride get in the way of a joyful heart.  The Lord loves an obedient servant and that many times our obedience has to rest upon faith.  And tonight I have wrestled with sleep trying to see just this.  That obedience is not always easy but it is essential to keeping those promises you make to the Lord.

If we let pride stop us from doing what is right, we can miss some of life’s greatest joys.  And isn't that just what selfishness is....pride?  Pride that "I" can do it better, "I" am able to accomplish more, "I" all "I"!  When you think only of yourself then you find that you are no longer joyful but most often sad, lonely and hurt.  In that place is where I found that I had done this to myself.  

Now let me clear it up in a way.  Yes, people around me did things that made me have to scramble quickly to help out.  It did create some anxiety in me.  But instead of me becoming full of my own self, I should have looked at the blessing of helping someone else. Feeding on selfishness corrodes our self-image and our peace. It destroys relationships.

It says in the Old Testament, "Only by pride cometh contention: but with the well advised is wisdom." Proverbs 13:10  Yes, wisdom is just what I need.  To be wise enough to see that I have been asked to be a servant for someone else for a short time.  And in doing so it made their task easier to carry.  For I am not a servant to them like a slave, but instead as a friend.  Friends help each other carry the load.  Sometimes by grabbing the other side and at times just hefting it up on their shoulders while the other rest.

I am also reminded that "A fool’s lips enter into contention..." Proverbs 18:6.  Here is that little voice that raises up to complain "Why Me?"  Oh how easy it is to get on that soap box and beat our chest as we fuss about how hard something is.  But gosh, isn't it the other way around.  We should be up on that box hollering out...."Hey, how can I help?"  "What do you need?"  or better yet, "I love you!"  Then we can feel happiness and joy in our deeds instead of bitterness.  

Does this mean to lay down and be a door mat?  No, it means to look at your days and find out how your being used to help others out.  And know that the Lord not only blesses us for that joyful spirit that we reach out in but that he commands us to be there for each other.  

And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.  Matthew 25:40

Search, Ponder & Pray

Been a quiet morning here today.  And a long one too!!!  Woke the first time around 1:30 a.m.  Then again around 3, then 5 and then 7.  So it has been an off and on kinda morning for me.  But each time I felt the need to reflect.  So I wonder what God is trying to tell me that my hazy mind is just not catching on to.

Well I do start a bible study today with some local ladies.  I miss getting to study with others as I am always teaching the children at church.  These women were so kind to invite me and we will be reading from 2 Timothy.  This is where my all time go to verse is located at.  

For God has not given you the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

This is how I hang on to the knowledge I am not 'defective'.   That even though my mind may be chemically imbalanced it is still a sound mind.  That I do have power and that love is what should drive me.  So with that being the focus of today....what am I to be learning?  Think I need to ponder this awhile.  

National Popcorn Day

Did you know today is National Popcorn Day?   I learned that and thought it gave me a great reason to hole up with Netflix and my favorite snack.  Then I thought maybe like popcorn, I should share with you too.  So here you go!  Thanks to Colman's Mustard for sharing this recipe.

Colman's Mustard Spicy Chocolate Popcorn

1 bag buttered popcorn

½ cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
¼ cup milk
2 tsp. Colman's Mustard
1 tbsp. light Karo Syrup
Pop the popcorn according to package directions. In a small saucepan add the chocolate chips and heat on low. Add the milk and stir constantly until the chocolate is melted and smooth. Add the mustard and the Karo syrup. Mix well. Dump the popcorn into a bowl and pour chocolate mixture over popcorn. Mix well and let it sit till it cools.