Gone To The Birds

I love to visit with my neighbors chickens.  
I love more that they are so friendly.  
MOST of all, I love feeding them in my yard and on my porch!

Rose Colored Outlook

Hey, I have a new look going on here.  Thanks to ZenniOptical.com!  Oh, by the way...this is not a paid or give me review.  You know what I mean.  Zenni did not contact me, no I purchased 2 pair of new funky cool eye glasses from them and love the new look.  And I wanted to share with you.

Look #1.  I love the fun design on the frames.  Give me the new chic geeky effect that is ever so popular today!

Look #2.  Looking so good with rose colored (frames) glasses.  I needed the new outlook on life!

These frames were $6.95 each.  Honestly!  For two frames, a set of slide on shades that fits either pair, eye glass cases for each, great art work cloth cleaners and shipping came to a grand total of $21.02.  See for yourself.
    August 13, 2014
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    Lenore Webb   
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I have to say I am happy with the new looks.  Oh and I said the cleaning cloths were works of art.  Well look at them.

Yes, these are what I am to wipe my glasses clean with.  You know that will be giving me a thrill to see such beautiful places.  I so appreciate those lil things in life that make me smile.  Thanks Zenni!

Nonnie Camp 2014

It has been a busy two days and I am loving it.  Look at the fun we are having.

We are having a blast at the lake!

And water ballon fights are the bomb!

Who can beat banana splits for breakfast. (Hint we used frozen yogurt.)

But we still have to take care.  Thanks to Reach Complete Care all the kiddos have new toothbrushes too.  It makes me feel good to know that these will help when brushing teeth is not top priority.  

  • 13° triple angled neck to get to those pearly whites easier!
  • Triple angled bristles maximize contact with each tooth so brushing becomes a better job!
  • Bi-level bristle design with extra prominent REACH Tip™ containing whitening bristles!
  • Big Control Grip enhances control for those lil hands to hang on too!

So now we can take care of our teeth and have time to get out and play too.

Nonnie Camp 2014

Today was a good one.  We started off checking our out daily menu that is posted.  It is a easy day with cereal to start off breakfast.  On our to do list our first event was treasure hunting aka geo-cache hunting.

During that we found a historical marker that shared some Texas history.  I loved finding out how much the kiddos knew there.  Two treasure found, one spot located but treasure missing and two we never found.  But oh how we enjoyed the tramping around to see.

Home for lunch which is daily sandwiches.  Then dropped in to Granny M's as she made cookies for the kiddos.  Could not find flour so she subed a cup of pancake mix and a cup of instant potatoes.  And IT WORKED!  Then we popped over to the library to get night time reading.  From there walked to the town square for ice cream cones.

Back to the house for a free afternoon.  But this evening after dinner via Chef Kira (she makes a mean bean burritto), the kiddos painted their club house.  It was great to see them all going after it.  I am so tickled that I pulled a "Tom Sawyer" and let them do all the work.

In late for baths.  Oh they were needed as paint was everywhere.  Then chocolate chip cookies from when they cooked them earlier as a bed time snack.  Whew what a great second day of Nonnie Camp!