Social Media Paying Off?

Okay I have a bit of business to ask about here.  Do you +K?  You know, Klout?  How about Pintrest?  Have you picked up the pinning habit?  Do you have a personal and blog Facebook page?  Counting you GFC and your Likes regularly?  Tweets part of your daily routine?  How has social media and your blog (if your a blogger) run hand in hand?  Cashing in on Swagbucks search engine? 

I try to keep up with everything.  But it does seem to be adding every day.  Sometimes I have to mentally run away for a bit to regroup.  I love that so many of these outlets have brought me the friends I have here.  But if I was not a stay at home wife then there would not be enough time in the day to do it all.  So do you break it up?  Blog daily with one day for Klout.  Another for Pinterst (now that takes a whole day alone).  Are you a late night facebook junkie?  And is your phone more for tweeting then calling friends these days?

Of course there are benefits too.  With my blog I have reviews for Disney movies.  I use the codes in them to be part of the Disney Movie Rewards.  Recently I cashed in my rewards for a fun gift for College Girl.  She loves Tim Burton movies, especially Nightmare Before Christmas.  So when I found these playing cards and wipe off score pad that I could get for free....well duh!  I did.  Now that is movies I reviewed so they were free that gave me reward points to cash in for free gifts.  Not a bad way to see my daily efforts are paying off.  Just from these rewards I have received:

"The Nightmare Before Christmas" Playing Cards & Score Board Set

Bambi Collectible Lunch Box

"Tinker Bell And The Great Fairy Rescue" Mini Storybook

"Eight Below" DVD

"So Dear To My Heart" DVD
Lady and the Tramp Extended Clip
Treasure Buddies Plush Doggie
1  Disney Movies of my choice
Three Times The Charm - Santa Paws Buddies Charm & Charm bracelet

I also have Klout perks.  Recently I had the chance to receive a USB wristband and bag for  A&E’s original drama series Breakout Kings.  This also went to College Girl.  She loves the lil things that are a result of my blog and social media.  There was also the AXE products that was a stocking stuffer for my son-in-law.  And I am waiting on skin care products to arrive right now.   With Swagbucks I am keeping College Girl up with Starbucks gift cards.  Hey a girl has to have her coffee fix. 

Add in the products from reviews that I get to do.  Plenty of books which is great since I am an avid reader.  DVD's to share with the family.  And the list continues to grow.  The majority of these I put up for gifts for my family.  Weather it be Christmas, birthdays or the such.  It is a great savings for me.  Since I have the products sent to me to review, I am able to save money instead of having to go out and purchase many of the gifts I give throughout the year.  Think about how much you really spend in that area alone.  And there is the rare pay per post.  Not very often but a lil here and there.  I have that credited to my paypal account for the few online purchases I get to do.  

Of course you win too.  Giveaways are a great gift to my loyal readers.  Why I have had a slew of them this month alone.  These have to be my favorite perk to having my blog.  Because I get to share with you this way.  I remember my first one was for having 50 followers on GFC.  I had 50 items from the dollar store that I gave all to one winner.  Did it all over again at 100 readers.  Now I am almost to 300 readers....can you believe that?  I do not know what I am going to do for that milestone.  Any ideas?

So I guess that it does pay off to take the time to do all the different social media programs.  I know it is different for different folks.  But it does keep me busy.  I am not bored for sure.  And I have managed to meet many interesting folks this way too.  Love that!


  1. I have to admit, I am signed up for just about everthing online lol, but really I use Facebook as my main connection.. there is just too much stuff & not enough time to try to keep up with it all! :)

  2. And the best thing met ME!! No really it is all great! I have won some really great things and I love Klout, I too have had some great perks but not so many lately! I am trying to get my blog going again because you know I let is slide for awhile. There is just so much to do and so many places to go. One thing that I don't understand about Klout is that one of Jr's aunts has a way higher score than me and all she does is Facebook and just talks to others and shares stuff. But hey, I am not giving up! I love my social media!!

  3. Oh, and I have no idea what you can do for me when I win your 300 GFC giveaway! Maybe come for a visit! :D


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