Taxes-Yuck! Disney-Yeah!

Today was a great day even though we had to deal with filing our taxes.  That is never fun but a necessary evil in life.  And for us it is more so that we have to file yet the return still goes to his ex wife for back child support. As I have said before I understand and agree.  But of course the desire to have a lil extra to help around here is still there.  Also we are having to cut back even more since Our Gentleman passed away this last fall.  Sad but true we are going to have to let our car go back to the dealership.  OUCH!  I love it but the drop in household income does not support a car payment at this time.  Thus it will be going bye bye soon.  We will learn the joy of exercise as we walk to the local convenience store for milk, bread and such.  Big trips to the grocery store will be helped out by The Other Mother thankfully.  And Dear Hubby can catch a ride to work with a co-worker and pay for the gas.  Sadly Granny M will have to fore go church though.  It is out in the country and she was the one who carried the folks from the nursing home to church.  Without a car she will not be able to continue to do that.

Download Printable Activities! Even with all of this we are looking up at all the good we have.  And this afternoon and evening we did family movie day.  Bring on the popcorn and join us in all the good ones.  We started out with Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I  <3 Minnie.  Just in time for Valentines day.  This was a good intro for Princess Emma for her first Kindergarten Valentines day and all the fun of passing out cards to friends.  The plus is the DVD and digital copy that is in here.  We can keep one and share one if we wish.  Or for those with portable DVD players in the car or laptops there is that spare to keep there.  There are 5 episodes in this one.  So I know that it would be good for quiet time when your trying to get the lil ones down for a nap.  Just watch one of the episodes to slow down the pace a lil, read a book next, then off to beddie bye land.  Now to add to the fun the inside of the DVD cover is also a coloring sheet with puzzles and mazes to follow.  It seems all the basis are being covered here.

Download Printable Activities! Next we had lunch that was looking for fun.  Hot dogs cooked over the flame are always a hit with the kiddos.  Add in a few crunch baby carrots with that ever so cheerful pink-a-licious that we serve and there were smiles all the way around.  Then on to movie number two of the day, Disney Treasure Buddies.  Another great combo pack that was Blu-ray and DVD.  I can not wait to share this with the Grandbabes!  I know that they will love Digger, Cammy and Babi, the new friends to the Buddies.  Princess Emma asked all about Egypt where the Buddies are looking for the legendary Cat's Eye jewel.  We even made a headdress for here to wear after the show.  Then Princess Emma helped The Other Mother in making the hummus while I put together the kabobs for dinner.  Dear Hubby and Pappi had fired up the grill for us so it was time to cook dinner and then enjoy smores with chocolate marshmallows.  Too much fun for one day?

Not for us.  We love to have a massive movie day once a month as a fun time for all of us to snuggle in together.  Now we all love Minnie and have known her for our whole life.  And the Buddies are some of Princess Emma's favorites to dream of playing with.  But when it comes to College Girl she is one for the classic Disney movies.  When she was little she had them all.  You can not imagine her dismay when the entire collection was lost in our house fire years ago.  So when I pulled out our last movie of the night she squealed like you would not believe.  Disney released the Diamond Edition of Lady and the Tramp.  What can I say?  It is like going home when you see a Disney classic.  Princess Emma loved cuddling up with her big sissy, College Girl for this one.  And was quick to start to learn the songs that sissy sang along with during the movie.  

Yes, the day had a lil rough start.  The necessary parts of life true.  But we made it a all around family fun day by sharing Disney and our family.  It is what makes it worth while to have lil ones around.  Thanks so to Disney for sharing the movies with us.  Thanks to our other half of family for spending time with us.  And thanks to College Girl for coming home for the weekend.  Please keep Granny M in your prayers.  We have more heart conditions cropping up.  This next week she will be back in the hospital for another blockage.  We are not sure what will be the outcome but we know that she is in good hands.

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  1. We have to get crackin on our taxes also! I hate getting everything organized, and we tell ourselves each year we will be more organized next year!


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