Here Comes Easter

So are you getting ready for Easter?  I have been thinking about it.  Last year was wonderful as my Grandbabes came for the weekend and we was able to do the Easter Egg hunt here.  I so loved getting to see their excitement when they found all the eggs in the yard.  I am not sure if we are going to get to do it again this year.  It seems their mom has to work most weekends now.

But I have been thinking back to all the ways my Grandmother made Easter special to me even when she was 100's of miles away.  My first thought is to the beautiful confectionery eggs she would send us.  Oh how careful they were packed in the box to mail.  Such delicate works of art that you could peek inside to see a whole new world.  I can not find them now.  Something similar but seems so bulky.

 <---- This one is from The Russian Tea Room in New York.  Reminds me of what I remember.  Very ornate and delicate.

-----> This one is what I can find to purchase these days.  Pretty but not as much as a surprise factor to them.

Of course my Grandmother sent me books.  She was a teacher and a Liberian.  I loved the Beatrix Potter books especially.  Peter Rabbit and all of his friends would take me on adventures in my own back yard.  I had the whole series of books for College Girl when she was a babe.  Lost them when we had a house fire.  Maybe I will be able to get her the set again when she has a child.

There there was the song, Here Comes Peter Cottontail.  Do you remember it?

Yes, I did sing that song all through the Easter season hopping all over.  I think I need to teach this one to my Grandbabes.  They love singing along with us.  And I am sure they have the hopping down the trail in their knees.  I know of one way I can share with them being so far from me.  And that would be to send them the movie version of this song.  Do your remember that?  (Gosh I sure am on memory lane.)

I loved this one with Danny Kaye as Seymour S. Sassafrass and Vincent Price as Irontail.  A very young Casey Kasem was Peter.  I have to say this is a great show done with Claymation.  I love the story and the lesson that lies within.  You can get your own copy too!  See not everything that we enjoyed are gone.  And there is even a giveaway going on online.   There is even a partial clip on YouTube.   But I would say it is worth getting a copy to share with your kiddos.  Classic Media gave us some coloring sheets to enjoy too.  Print them off for the kiddos to have fun with.   Thanks to them for sending me a copy of the DVD to share with my grandbabes!

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