Snap! I Can Think Again

This last week was great.  But busy.  The holidays are done, Christmas is all packed up, guest have returned home.  Time to breath....right?  Nope!  It seems that now is time to get everything back on track.  And that can be just as hard as it was setting up the holidays.  College Girl was my main helper of course.  We laughed as time and time again we would forget something.  Having to go back and take one more thing to storage....again!  I was beginning to feel like I had caught her ADD.  

Of course that is not possible but we were sluggish in our thinking.  Then, I remembered, that I had two cans of Nawgan in the fridge.  You have some there too, right?  No?  You have not heard of Nawgan?  Well it is a new drink that helps increase your memory and thinking skills.  Pretty cool!  Better than all those energy drinks that just hype you up on sugar and caffeine.  As a matter of fact mine was sugar free at that!  So we opened them up and took a break.  About an hour later we knew we had to get back to work.  I am not always too sure on how things work.  But I did feel better, 'brighter'.  Sorta like a fog had lifted.  Was it the Nawgan?  Was it the rest?  I am not sure.  But I will try them again to see.  They have a memory test you can try out too.  Just a kinda how are you doing thing.  You might be surprised!

Running through Tuesday, January 31, 2012, Nawgan invites you to visit their facebook page, “Like” Nawgan and upload your own creative photo on the “sweepstakes” page! The incentive beyond the delicious taste and effective cognitive benefits of Nawgan? You can win an iPad 2, valued at $499!  You can read the sweepstakes rules here.

Thanks to Nawgan for sending me the two samples.  Now I have to see where I can buy them in our small town.  They are sold now in Vitamin Shoppe's if you have one in your area.  


  1. Hmmm.. these interest me. They remind me of the cognitive-power-increasing candy that they sell at Think Geek.

  2. Awesome! I need help thinking LOL.


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