Good Advice Found All Over

I have always been a 'big boned' girl.  More so now then ever.  And I hear myself talk.  You know how your voice resonates through your head.  I think my voice is hard and manish.  I do not like it.  My boobs never had a perk to them.  Even as a teen.  Honestly.  What I am trying to say is that I can not remember a time in my life I have not felt like a big galloot.  That horse in a powder room.  Just that I do not belong where I want to be.

I love pink.  Soft dresses that sway in the wind.  The sound of laughter that is right past a giggle.  Painted nails and high heels.  My Dear Hubby and College Girl see me as the way I want to be.  They encourage me to allow the girly side to be nurtured.  I don't think I pull it off well at all.  But inside I still am a ballerina in pink dancing around the house.

Why am I bringing this all up.  Well This is sorta the relationship between Sasha and Evelyn.  Bet you can look at the names and guess who is the ballerina and who is the live-in aide.  Yeah us big boned girls are great at helping others.  But you know what those ballerinas are wonderful at sharing their grace.  "Finding Our Way Home" by Charlene Ann Baumbich brings that all to mind.  You know I am not going to tell you the story line.  I never do.  But I will say that while reading "Finding Our Way Home" I was able to pull it all off wonderfully.

My grandfather use to hold my hand and call me his Tuzy.  Yeah that was his nickname for me.  I would ask why and he said I looked like a Tuzy.  Of course I would wrinkle my brow and ask what a Tuzy looked like?  You know it...he would answer....YOU!  I smiled so much when I was with him.  As I aged and grew and learned more and more he would share better words of wisdom.  He advised me on buying my first car.  What to look for, how to budget cost and repairs, and how to keep it in good shape.  He also shared tips on how to be happy with my life.  The best advice was to take 5 minutes every day, preferable when I first woke up to count my blessings.  That would set the tone for my day.  He was right.  I am so thankful to have had the time with him that I did.

But not everyone has that joy.  College Girl did not grow up with nurturing grandfathers.  She never knew the comfort of a leathery hand holding hers.  And she also did not get the pearls of wisdom that comes with a full life.  So with her fixing to graduate from college I thought I would do my best to share some of that with her.  No I do not know the best advice from a grandfather but John D. Spooner does.  "No One Ever Told Us That" is his letters that he shares to his grandchildren.  And with us too.

He has great advice like my own grandfather.  Here are some of his thoughts.

Never call a busy person first thing Monday morning.
Always look as though you know where your going.
Everything you own will fluctuate in value.
Expect to do everything yourself.
Always keep hints of your childhood in life.

There are so many more.  With economic times being quite trying it is a time to keep a level head and a strong will power.  This can be fortified with sound advice.  I think this will be one of those quiet presents that will not be noticed at first.  But since she does read I know she will not keep the cover of this book closed.  And once inside College Girl will relish the love of a gift that helps one go to the next stage in life.

I have to say that books have always brought me joy.  Here are two that I was happy to receive.  And more so to share.  Thanks to those who help get them in my hands.


  1. Thanks for your wonderful and relatable non-recap of FINDING OUR WAY HOME! I LOVED it! Fun good stuff, lady.

    BTW, I'm a bit clunky myself--someone FAR removed from the grace of a ballet dancer. Ah, the wonders of imagination, the beauty of research and the blessing of grace. :)

    1. You so welcome. I loved this book. Happy to do it all again for you with another good read! It is really nice to have a book that lets your soul dance.


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