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I was wanting to share with you my gifts for the upcoming birthday of two of my grandbabes. You see they are brother and sister and their birthdays are just one day apart from each other. Well there is a 4 year difference between their ages too. The oldest at 7 going on 8 asked for comic books.  Now that sorta took me by surprise.  But I know how she loves to read so was happy to look for some for her.  Thankfully I was able to come up with a nice variety that I felt were age appropriate.  My favs were 3 of the OZ books in comic book form.  

For the 3 going on 4 lil man I have Don the Dinosaur CUDDLE COVERS.  These are playful and snuggly pillow covers that bring ordinary bedding to life.  I love that they are pillow covers that can be removed and washed.  That is what I did not like about the pillow pet craze.    Also since they fit a full size pillow they are 50% larger than the other pillow pets.  Cuddle Covers are available in six huggable animal buddies: Berry the Bear, Don the Dinosaur, Izzy the Unicorn, Kit the Cat, Louie the Lion, and Max the Dog.  Oh and for a limited time, Cuddle Covers offers a Mini Cuddle Covers Buddy free with purchase. 

Now my youngest grandbabe will be a year old this summer.  Wow how he is growing.  Amazes me.  I am not sure what he will be getting then but I do know what I wish we could get him right now.  Well at least his mother.  Have you seen anything about Diaper Pods? It's a new evolution in diaper technology. It controls odor and provides a convenient and sanitary disposal method, in the form of a disposable bag built right into a diaper. Designed with safety and sanitation in mind, the bag is packed and sealed into a pod located in the rear of the diaper.

I think this is not only a great idea for baby diapers but also for Depends.  My poor Granny M has to use these.  And if she is in a public restroom it is very embarrassing to have to come out of the stall with one to throw away if she does not have a bag in her purse.  So if it had the bag built in too what a cleaner and less embarrassing way to dispose of them.  They are looking to make them for fem pods too.  YIPPEE!
Vote in Get On The Shelf
Now the problem is you can not buy these as of yet.  It is a new idea and Diaper Pods have entered into Walmart's Get on the Shelf Contest and could use your vote.    Just watch below at how easy these are to roll up to throw away in a cleaner and discreet way.  

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