Oddles of Winners

We have winners.  I love winners.  And our first one is for the book Tuck Me In.  
Becca said...
My first baby is on the way. Hopefully his/her favorite book will be a fun dr susses one!
Then next one has two winners.  We picked the winners of Beat to be.

Giant Sis said...
My demon is fear of failure. Sometimes it paralyzes me from even trying because I SO don't want to fail! I think it comes from wanting to be a perfectionist. I know it's unrealistic, but I constantly struggle with it. wilburnnewsome atyahoodotcom
hendy said...
My demon is food/overeating-I'm a constant yo-yo dieter and can't ever seem to win the battle hmhenderson AT yahoo DOT com
 Our next lucky winner has the adorable hand mirror that I received as an extra surprise.  Did I tell you that  Regina from Cottonfield Farm was so kind to send me a magnet for my fridge once she found out that I was giving away the extra mirror to one of y'all.  Amazing lady with a cute etsy shop.  Well our winner there is:
ape2016 said...
My kids made me smile today. They are funny, sassy and sweet. Love them bunches. ape2016(at)aol(dot)com Now we have 3 more winners. 
Can you believe this.  We have 3 winners now for their book of Miracles.  Yes the Chicken Soup for the Soul:  A Book of Miracles.   
Our first winner is a lady who has battled life and came out on the top.  I am always amazed at her strength.  And her ability to raise to the top time and time again.
Serenity said...
Beautiful post Lynette :) Miracles... Very insightful question depending on how you look at it... Through battling bi-polar, rape, drug abuse, getting clean, falling off the wagon twice and climbing back on, marriage to my best friend, that same best friend adandoning me for another woman, 2 beautiful boys one of which no longer speaks to me, homelessness, carless, penniless one thing has always stayed the same - His love for me, no matter that I turned away from it, when I was ready to come, He opened His arms for me, He helped me to become a woman I never thought I could be and now He is allowing my testimony to be used for others...To help them overcome anything through Him. (((Hugs))) Next our winner is:
arceli said...
I've experienced both big miracles, like when my mom's cancer simply disappeared (leaving her doctors baffled), and small ones, like when one of my days manages to go surprisingly well. I think we all experience miracles, if we look closely enough at our lives. a(dot)long(at)tcu(dot)edu
And our third winner is:
Holly said...
I feel God has blessed me greatly and I have experienced many miracles. The greatest is my daughter! I was told for 12 years that I was unable to have children. I was reading about Abraham and Sarah one morning in my devotion and prayed that God would bless us in His time. Well, our little miracle is 9 months old!! God always listens!!
WOW!  That is 7 winners today.  I will be getting emails out to all of yall.  Make sure I get your name and addresses so we can get your goodies in the mail to you.  Thanks for entering.  It is so much fun to give away goodies.   Almost as much fun as when the goodies arrive here too!

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  1. Yeah, I'm so excited and can't wait to start reading Beat. Congratualations to all the other winners as well, happy reading.


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