Family Movie Night

I love having family time.  And one of my favorite things to do is to have family movie night.  You know, throw down a big ol blanket on the floor and throw all kinds of pillows and blankets down.  We pop popcorn and bring out the hot cocoa for a big nest of cuddles and relaxation.  Of course you want a family friendly movie for this don't you?  College Girl especially loves these nights.  And has found all kinds of movies for us to watch.  Lately Granny M has joined in too.  But she does not do the big ol floor nest.  Yeah as we get older it is becoming apparent that we need comfort and 'padding'.  So it seems that the couches are becoming more a part of our family movie night.
Well this last week we watched Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure.   Granny M really loved this show.  She enjoys movies that go back to the western times but not the ol shoot em up kind.  And it is also part of the BMG christian movie program.  It made me think of the movies we watch based on the Love Comes Softly series.  But it is part of a new series.  The first Mandi movie was Mandie and the Secret Tunnel.  Now Granny M loves a good romance but I love adventure.  So Mandie is much more my style.  This movie was based on the young adult mystery series by Lois Gladys Leppard.  And even has a guest apperance by Hayley Mills if you watch for it. 

Thought you would want to see a lil of it yourself.  If you get to see Mandie and the Secret Tunnel let me know.  Maybe we can trade movies so we both can see the series.  In the mean time, I think I will pop me some more popcorn and put this one back in.  Thanks to Fly Propeller for sending this one in to me to view.  It was fun. 

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