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Hey folks did you see?  I passed another lil milestone for me.  Look over at you wonderful people.  I have over 150 followers....yeah that is y'all I am talking about.  I am so amazed that you wanna come visit on such a regular basis.  But I LOVE IT!  Honestly I do.   Bloggy love is the best.  So before we start today, let me pour all of you a big ol cup of coffee and have a moment to sit back and enjoy each others company.

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Now isn't that nice?  I feel better already just having time to slow down and relax.  Well today I wanted to tell you of another lil milestone.  I know you will not be as amazed as I am but you really do not know College Girl as well as I do.  Well as you are aware she is busy as can be with school and theater.  This is her 4th year of a 6 yr course.  Now during all this time in school she has not expressed any interest in a "friend".  But now she has finally set her eyes on person and is thinking in that direction.  It was so much fun to watch her tell me of her realization that there might be someone she wants to get to know much better.  I can count her past love interest on one hand and not use all of my fingers.  So this is a pretty big deal to her.  I have to say CG is pretty careful about relationships.  So now we are facing a few new challenges.
Thankfully we have already got a few things in place to make this new transition easier. I am so glad that we had introduced her to the Moore Unique Skin Care program.  I love having these products that are designed for sensitive skin.  College Girl and Princess Emma are both very sensitive to almost all products they use.  Turning bright pink and having rashes occur from so many usual cleansers.  But now we are finding that CG can groom and not come out looking like she had a fight with a porcupine.  So now she is using the Body Scub Lotion with aloe vera.  It is great wash that leaves her feeling so soft and smooth.  CG says that she feels like she is in a spa now.  Her hair is quite dry and fly away.  But with the bath-body & hair oil she now has beautiful tresses.  Normally there are these horrid white flakes that is worse than dandruff.  But this product for dry sensitive skin and hair has really helped her out.  And I promise you if you have to wear all black clothes backstage you notice any white flakes.  My favorite for her so far has been the difference in her face.  My dear girl fights acme and blackheads still.  Cursed like her mom.  But now we have 4 items that really has changed all of that.  She starts with using the Hydrate facial & body wash in the shower.  It is great for her sensitive skin and works with eczema too.  Then she has the Clear Skin acne wash and Facial Moisturizer.  We all know the importance of moisturizing our skin.  It sure helps prevent wrinkles in our later years.
So now she is sporting better looking skin and hair.  I love it and so does College Girl.  She feels more confident.  This sure will help when she is hanging out with the crush that has developed.  I so hope this is a good step for her.  I know CG is very cautious about any relationship.  And now that she has set her eyes on this person, I am sure she is going to take even more cautious steps to let them know she is interested.  Not like her bumbling mom who just reached over and kissed Dear Hubby long before he was every DH.  Now that CG is set up the old folks have a couple of the new products of the Moore Unique system.  DH loves the Razor Rash Relief.  It is lovely that he does not have a rash and bumps after shaving.  Yeah, I thought about sneaking it away for me too!  But I am not giving up the toner cream.  Oh I hate that I have started getting those pesky ugly "age" spots.  I screamed when I noticed it.  But I am fading them away with the glycolic texturizer and lightener.  
Well I had to share all of these products with you.  So, yes, you can get your own package of Dr. Moore Unique System.  Everything I told you about here can be yours.  So get ready for a giveaway.  Just leave me a comment on what issues you have finding the right cleansers and skin products.  Make sure you leave your email too so I can reach you if your name is drawn.  I will pick one of my lucky readers (who comment) to win in two weeks.  Good luck, I know your going to love this package.
DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary products to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided. 


  1. I also have sensitive skin and it is so hard to find a product that I like and doesn't damage my face.
    Thanks for a great site & giveaway.
    kkfoster35 at msn dot com

  2. Wow, how she has changed :)

    I can not use all those cleaners either. I have roseacea and it all makes it flare up and I look like some one slapped the crap out of me. lol


  3. Hey Kiddo! You know the problems I have with my skin! I think I've tried just about every "reasonably" priced item on the market, but nothing seems to work. I am looking forward to hopefully winning this maybe I will actually not have to be embarrassed about showing my hands and face, plus get my hair to looking decent to boot!
    God Bless!

  4. I have a T zone so I feel I need a product that will be good for my different zones.

  5. hi lynette looked at the site nice...what a differance in the thanks for the info..thehoneybear

  6. I have issues finding products because I have oily skin and also because I just don't know much about this stuff. I guess I spend too much time being mumsy and not enough time of making myself purdy.

  7. I have combination skin so its so hard to keep it at the right moisture level!

  8. Congrats to CG...I do know her a bit and I do realize that this is a big deal for her. I wish her luck in love!!!

    Now for my skin....since I moved my face has gotten SOO dry and I have begun breaking out even more than what do I do with skin that is both dry and apparently oily as well? I am an enigma!!! I also HATE to spend money on a bunch of skin care stuff cause it almost never works like it's supposed to.

  9. My issues are finding facial products that keep my face clean, moistured, but don't make me get pimples. I also have eczema, so finding the right lotions that help my eczema and don't make it hurt is a big challenge.



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