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As you all know I have pets....lots of them.  10 to be exact.  5 dogs and 5 cats.  Yet my house does not smell of them.  Whew!  I am so glad.  But that does take some doing on my part to keep it that way.  I wanted to share some tips on how to help keep your house clean and still have your pets. 

1. Clean your house from top to bottom every week, but instead of spending one whole day working your tail off, do one space every day starting on Monday and working your way to Friday. That way by Friday the place is spic and span, just in time for the weekend!  There are things I have to do daily though.  Every day I rake the dog yard of those pesky "bombs".  I also sweep and mop (or vacuum if you have carpet) all common rooms.  This cuts down on pet hair big time.  Also the cat box is cleaned every morning too.
2. Making cleaning a game makes it, well, a little more fun. Sure, you love a clean house but the cleaning of it, is not one of your favorite things. So make a game out of it! Get out your kitchen timer. Set the timer for 20 minutes and get cleaning; you’d be surprised how much you can get accomplished in that time frame!  I find I can clean any room in this amount of time.  Start at the top (ceiling fans) and work your way down to the floor.  Keep a basket that you can place things in that go to other rooms.  That way you are not running from room to room but staying put in the one room your working on. 
3. It is important that your home smells fresh and clean. But, many chemicals are unsafe for pets. Instead, try using essential oils. Specifically, try the terracotta lamp oil rings that you put around light bulbs. You just put a few drops of the scented oil on the ring, turn on the light and the scent emanates naturally.  Thankfully I am in a beautiful state and can keep the doors and windows open almost all year round.  This keeps my house smelling very fresh. 
4. Try to have plenty of seating in my home. Having plenty of comfortable chairs is better than having a few sofas. The number one rule of thumb is for every seat, you need a place to set a drink!  I also have old blankets and towels for the seats.  I keep these there so the pets can lay down.  When I am having friends or family over, I wisk off the covers, toss them in a basket and viola'!  All is ready to have company.
5. When trying to purge unwanted things, ask yourself three questions: Do I need it? Do I love it? Could it make me money? If I answer no to all of those questions, get rid of the item.  I have a tote for things that are in good condition.  If I am going to purge these items I place them in the tote.  Once it is full I take to donate at the local community store.  Now the broken items go straight to the trash.

Three catsImage via WikipediaI wanted to share this information in celebration with Tidy Cats.  Tidy Cats is announcing the Purina® Tidy Cats® “Search for America’s Most Welcoming Home” Contest that invites multiple cat owners to showcase their tidy, inviting, clean and comfortable homes. Cat owners can enter the contest at www.TidyCats.com from Oct 5 through November 16, 2010.  Pop over and see if you want to enter. 
One Grand Prize Winner will receive...
  • $5,000 cash.
  • A special Welcoming Home Party catered by a celebrity guest chef.
Short Essay: (200 words or less)
From the point of view of one of your cats, describe why your home is the most welcoming home in America including at least one example of how your home is kept Tidy, Clean, Comfortable, and/or Inviting.

Photo: Picture must include you and at least one of your cats in your favorite room in your welcoming home. You must own two or more cats to be eligible.

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  1. How in the world do you get all this done in a day and blog too!!! Wow!!


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