Christmas in the Fall?

I know I have told you that some days it feels like Christmas around here. Well I am sharing my joy and luck with you again.  This last week I was so happy to see packages arrive for reviews and giveaway for you. 
And those are all things to come.  But I had a few other surprises in the batch.  One was that I had won a giveaway over at Is there a Bathroom on this Ship?    I love all the fun giveaways that are hosted there.  Here are her current giveaways if you want to go and get some goodies for yourself.
* Tropical Traditions Glass and Surface Cleaner (1 winner, ends 10/4/10)
* Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World by Vicki Myron with Bret Witter (trade paperback) (3 winners, ends 10/9/10)
* Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer (2 winners, ends 10/9/10)
I had won in the Faber Castell- Creativity for Kids giveaway.  So it is now going to be fun around here.  Princess Emma will get to color in the coloring and ARTivity book with triangular color pencils.  And College Girl has already laid claims to the watercolor ecopencils for her design projects in theater.  It is always so nice to have extra art supplies around, don't you agree?  But on top of that I also had such a nice lil personal note from the Public Relations Manager, Lisa Bowdy of Faber-Castell letting me know this was my winning package.  Such nice manners and a personal touch.  She also invited me to check out Creativity for Kids. (Hint...go check it out!)  The have online activities, discounts, craft of the month and featured products each month.
My next snail mail goodie was from the Texas Beef Council.  Remember when I went to the Appetite for Inspiration cooking event this month?  Well they were so kind to send me a thank you note.  Again, manners are so wonderful.  Well that is enough to make me smile.  But she included a H*E*B $25.00 gift card so I could make one of those wonderful meals we were taught.  I think instead I am going to make the Orange Glazed Short Ribs that are on the Texas Beef Councils web site.  It is a crock pot meal and perfect with fall weather hitting.  You may want to pop it on for a Sunday Night Football dinner?
Now for surprise #3!  Yeah, three of them so far.  This last weekend we were at our local fair, the Comanche County Pow Wow.  Well so many companies and organizations have booths set up there.  I bought raffle tickets and picked up freebies of shopping bags and the such.  Well one of the places I entered was with a local Mary Kay lady.  This was something I was happy with.  I wear Mary Kay and did not have a local lady.  As a matter of fact I have been using Jana Leonard online, a fellow blogger at Life with the Leonards.  But, still nice to have local.  Well I now have a delightful lil card from Hitoni Bergmark here.  You see it, another nice note.  I am loving all the manners.  She let me know I won $20.00 of free products.  And a complimentary custom makeover!  I am going to use it one day that I have a hot date with Dear Hubby!  Great gift for me to feel so so so pretty.  I think I am going for the TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer (normal to oily) for my gift certificate.
This has been an amazing mail call, right?  Well, I am not done!  Nope.  Next still......(see I told you it was Christmas here today!)  I also had a package from Regina from Cottonfield Farm.   She has an adorable etsy shop too!  I had ordered a special necklace for my mom and Regina had gone way out of her way to make it for me.  In the game Hand n' Foot that Granny M is addicted too, a book of 7 sevens is worth 3000 points.  Well I asked for a tile necklace of that winning hand.  Regina did not have enough tiles of 7 cards.  So she went looking til she found more.  She ordered them and made my necklace.  Isn't that really going the extra step?  I also ordered a special necklace for my College Girl.  It is a glass tile necklace of a Morning Glory necklace.  That is our special wake up call.  My mom used it on me and I did the same with my girl.  Now we even have Morning Glories growing in our front flower beds.  It is a tradition for the ladies in our family now. 
The next item in the box was a cute lil purse mirror for me with a retro coffee cup on it.  I loved it!  Just right, coffee and the 50's feel to it too!  Perfect.  Well Regina, being the lady she is, sent me a lil note.  Oh all of this love is too much!  But she was so happy to sent me a second cup of coffee to share with a friend.  Yeah!  She gave me two of these lovely purse mirrors. Wow!  So since she said I could share one....I am going to do just that.  Yeah, I am going to give the second one to one of you!  Just leave me a comment with an email attached.  Tell me something that made you smile today.  Anything that put that warm feeling in your heart.  Or that twinkle in your eye.  And I will pick a winner, SOON!  So, get going and leave me a comment.....I AM LOOKING!


  1. i love the h&f necklace!!! we've never played with the 7's like that. what a neat gift idea. see you in your foot

  2. Love the necklace. There are so many different variations of hand and foot. I have never heard of the 3000 points for the book of sevens. That is the card game that me, 2 of my aunts and my cousin play all the time. My mom used to play but I guess she does not like us any longer. lol Her loss!!


  3. Ohhhh.... way cool stuff and for real on the mirror! smiling now :)


  4. Hey Lynette! Thank you for such kind thoughts! You made me smile too! Just wanted you to know I just included your kindness in my latest blog.

  5. Awwwwwwwwww..... see, it's folks like you taking the time to let me know you love your prize as much as I loved being able to review the items that makes my day! Double thanks for listing my other current giveaways!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. :)

  6. My kids made me smile today. They are funny, sassy and sweet. Love them bunches.


  7. The retro mirror is too cute and would make a great Christmas gift for someone on my list.

  8. Wow! I love it when I get surpries in the mail too. Love this mirror!


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