1950's meet 2000

I have a picture and a book that just makes me so wanna call Tracy from The Crazy Suburban Mom.  We both have such a love of vintage items.  I think it is because of a deep seated desire to wear high heels, shirt dresses and pearl necklaces.  It is often said around here that I am a 1950's housewife stuck in the 21st century.
Ok for the picture first.  Tracy which do you want most?  The radio or the tea pot?  Actually the tea pot (of course Corning Ware) was only $9.99.  I was so so so tempted to buy it.  Maybe I will go back and see if it is still there.  If so should I keep it or do a giveaway with it?  LOL
Beside the photo I also have a book that I will not giveaway.  Why?  Well cause it is just perfect for me.  A great lil tome called, Home Economics: Vintage Advice and Practical Science for the 21st-Century Household.  It opens up right to a book plate.  You never see that anymore.  Wait you do know what a bookplate is don't you?  You know, that lil place where it says, This book belongs to _____________.  Remember as a child how proud you felt to write your name in there.  Often I would have a Christmas present with my grandmothers beautiful handwriting inside.  There she placed my name and the occasion that I received the book.
Well it goes on from there. Actually there is so much in this lil book.  You can go from economical living which goes by the new buzz word of frugal living.  And who can not use help with ideas of how to save in the kitchen.  I love that there is a section on home-baked bread.  That is something I have never mastered.  But plan on working on with the help from my lil handbook.
Of course we can go on to the care of our clothes. Granny M is the seamstress in our family. I thank God for that. But College Girl is learning that art too. So maybe I will be able to rely on them for that area. The next chapter is where I shine. That is on caring for my home. I love cleaning something til it shines. And even more so rearranging my house. Giving it that new touch and tweak.
But we continue on to leisurely pursuits. When was the last time you pursued leisure? Really enjoying your time off? Instead of filling it with chores, errands and frantic activity. Can you remember how it feels to have a nice dinner party where you relax too? That tending your garden can bring a zen feeling. How about time to just sit and work on a craft or needle work?
See, this is why I really want to bring the 1950's into my world. I wish to live that life where I can be proud of my home.  It does not have to be best, cost tons (actually old, worn and well loved is more like it) nor filled with perfect design.  But where you are proud of the mix and match.  That the feeling you get in a home is....well, homey.  And that I know I am the one who tends it, lets it flourish and share with my family and friends.
DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided. Thanks always to Quirk Books for sending me the just right book. They have the best selection!


  1. Shhhh. I secretly have a 50's thing too. Just don't take away my internet. I like the dresses and pearls but would have to wear PJ pants underneath. And, I would NOT do the cleaning thing well.

    OK, lets be honest, I would FAIL as a 50's lady but I like the mental image.

  2. OH Man, cool, so cool! I've never seen that pot before, ever ...adorable. And the radio way cool... I once ran into a radio I thought was vintage - lol, then I saw the CD slot!

    Felt so stupid. I totally would have gotten the tea pot I think. But I don't know, $10? I bet vonlipi would know if it was worth it....

    truthfully, I havent run into anything at a sale besides garbage in a long time


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