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Yard Sale Northern California May 2005. This i...Image via WikipediaDo you like to go to garage sales? Of better yet, the lil extra you can make from having one?  Do you feel that garage sales are trashy or treasure?  What has been your greatest find at a garage sale?
Well I have a new one for you. It floored me. The city of Dallas (yes, in Texas) is proposing a $25.00 fee for each garage sale you have. A new 'fee' to help offset their budget issues. Now I understand working with a strained budget. Gosh, look at what I do just to pay my own bills. But, is there a limit as to what can be taxed, fined and fee'd? (Is that a word?) And just how will they make sure they are getting their fee? Is there going to be a "garage sale officer" that runs around town on the weekends to make sure they have paid first. Will you have to have a sticker or form or certificate to show? Can you get a discount for multiple garage sales? What will be brought in to Dallas's budget after paying for the employees, printing, supplies, car and gas and insurance for the employees, and will it be able to be enforced?
Would you find this an intrusion. Would you still hold garage sales? What is the average take on a sale then subtract the fee along with the time, effort and supplies. Is it worth it at all? Can I ask more questions? LOL
Sorry for so much. But I am really surprised and worry. It started out as a $5.00 fee when in the first discussions and quickly went up to $25.00. That is 1/3 of my water bill. And if a large city pulls this off then I wonder if it will be something that smaller towns will start doing.
So just what is your thought or question on this one?


  1. Stephenville requires that garage sales must have and post a permit from the city, though I don't know the cost.

  2. Stephenville requires that garage sales must have and post a permit from the city, though I don't know the cost.

  3. I think that is absurd. If you are hosting a yard sale on your own property, how can they charge you? If they did that in our town, I probably wouldn't hold any more yard sales.

  4. Hey Kiddo! I think having to "pay to have a garage sale is ridiculous! I had one one time in Amarillo and I didn't even make 75.00! Nope! I woujldn't do it. It isn't worth the gamble of your time or money getting ready for it. As far as going fishing with my hubby, he's wanting to go in October, but I don't know if I'll be up for it (don't know if my tailbone will be up for it I should say). He might enjoy your company! LOL! He's wanting to go to Tom Big Bee Lake (somewhere around Livingston, Texas). I don't know how I'm gonna take to lawn chairs.

    Love ya!


  5. I am new here! What a fun blog :) I would love for you to come visit me too!

  6. That is insane! You're right, to pay for employees to enforce that rule would negate any income.
    And water must be expensive in Texas. $25 IS my water bill here in NC.

  7. I have heard of talk of this in our town as well...I personally think it stinks!

  8. Our last garage sale we only made $59, so if we had to pay the city $25 of it, it wouldnt' have been worth the time and effort we put into it!! And it's not like you can tell how much you're going to make beforehand...not cool at all!!


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