Touching Lives

Do you know Andy Andrews?  Well he is a bestselling author.  But more than that he is a genuine all around good guy.  Why do I know that?  From reading his books.  No one can point out the positive things of life without having a great outlook in life.  Other things I like about Andy?  Well we were both born on the 22nd.  And I have to agree Gloria Gaither is a very wise woman, Andy feels so too!  He is a big fish eater at least his favorite restaurants seem to show that.  Top it off he also does not like green bean casserole.  YIPPEE, I don't either.  Top it off he has a wonderful smile.  I can not look at a picture of him and not smile also.  Sorta makes me think of Mark Lowry with his wit and humor.  I adore this skit he has done. 

Andy also writes. Now he says he does not love writing by having written. In other words the finished product is pleasing. Gosh, I think we all feel this way. Proud and relieved once we have done our task. But often ready to get to the next one also.  I have two of his books right here.  One is going to be share with my Granddaughter for Christmas.  She is learning to read pretty well.  And I am sure we are going to be spending some time together as we travel through 'The Boy who Changed the World'.  I really love this as it is a book that shows that what one person does effects the next.  Noble laureate Norman Borlaug was able to hybridize wheat and has helped prevent starvation to billions of people world wide.  Now this is an amazing accomplishment and he should be quite proud of the fact he has made such an impact on this earth.  But it is then noticed that he was able to because of the people who effected the world before him.  From his own father to Vice President Henry Wallace to George Washington Carver to Moses and Susan Carver his adopted parents.  They saved George as a child from thieves.
Isn't that amazing.  This book shows the 'Butterfly Effect' that Andy has also written.  We do not always see that what we do will be the next step for someone else.  I am sure you have seen it in your own life in one way or the other.  Small things.  Like growing up my mom woke me by saying "Morning Glory" to me each day.  Of course, I said it to my own College Girl when she was a child.  Now all three of us will sit on our porch and watch the Morning Glories grow and each share in the love we have passed from one to the other.  Small but it is something we all adore.  I am even having a glass tile pendent of a Morning Glory made for College Girl's Christmas present.  Now this is a tradition passed down.  But in raising my daughter to be who she is, it is likely that one day she may teach (it is in the plans).  In teaching she can touch a life of a growing mind, maybe one who will make a new discovery or change or notice life just that quarter turn different than most do.  And on the effects pass.  You also touch many lives each day.  From your own family to neighbors to members at church to that person you wave at as you go for your daily walk.  And like the wings of a butterfly the slight flutter sets off a chain reaction through out the entire universe.  Have you thought about how you will be a part of that.
Easy way to start is to smile.  Show kindness.  Give love.  And take care of all the creatures and plants you can on this earth.  If it takes a village to raise a child then it takes a loving soul to nurture a life.
DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary copies of these books to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided. 


  1. I haven't ever heard of Andy Andrews but his work sounds promising. I will have to check him out!

  2. I love morning glories! I just can't seem to get them to grow anywhere on my property. The last place we lived I had them all over my black iron railing on our porch and I would sit out there and read all the time.


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