My Lost Daughter

Gotcha! That is one blog post title that would make me pop over and find out what was going on.
I am a freak about thrillers, mysteries and crime novels.  My TV is still looking for the one channel that plays NCIS, CSI and Criminal Minds nonstop.  (My neighbor believes one of these shows is always on.)  Dear Hubby thinks I am just studying for my finals and prays he is not the object to be done away with.
I am not sick or twisted, crazy maybe...well okay certified crazy.  But, that being what it is, I am really intrigued by the human mind.  How some people can really see things in such a twisted way that the rest of us just are boggled by it.  That is why I read so many of the thrillers.
Of course I am going to share my newest one with you.  (Really....see the hint here.)  This one hit me a bit because as you know College Girl is my life.  Without her my world would spin apart.  So the fear of something happen to her can be quite real.  In reading My Lost Daughter by Nancy Taylor Rosenburg, my fears were put on paper.  But of course here we had a kick ass woman to make sure all became right again.  You know you don't cross a woman and never by hurting her family.
Lily Forrester is the main character here.  She is hard ass judge who tries to help those in need.  While trying to focus on her courtroom she is thrown for a loop when her own College Girl, Shana starts having wild erratic behavior.  Looking like she is going to drop out of school, finances going askew and her home in disarray, life is not looking like it is going well.  Shana pushes her mother away.  Thinking of only helping her daughter she puts her in a treatment facility.  There life really goes wrong.  Now, the worst happens.  A sociopath has fixed on Shana and Lily finds her hands tied in trying to get her out.  You could only imagine the frustration and fears that circle a mom who is trying to protect yet finding her hands tied at every turn.
I loved reading this one.  My mommy instinct was on super charge.  Topped with the thrill of intrigue and mystery, this was a massive one night read.  Guess you know who did not get much sleep as usual.  I am so glad that I am going to share this book with one of y'all.  Yeah, I am giving away a copy of My Lost Daughter to a lucky person and help interrupt their sleep patterns.  To enter just leave me a comment on your fear for your child, how do you wonder if your going to have your hands tied in a situation.  Or better yet, just what would happen if one of yours is threatened.  Yeah a chance to voice our inner vengeance.  Another for following me, facebook, twitter...leave a comment for each place you follow me at. Make sure your email is with you profile or on the comment. I will have a winner within two weeks.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.


  1. Thanks for the review!! Sounds like something I would love to read!!

  2. Hey Kiddo! Just so you know I'm not ignoring you. It took me a while to do my post again, and then hubby came in and I got side tracked. My dashboard edit post screen was the first place I checked. It's done that before and ended up there, but not this time. I noticed while typing it, it didn't seem like it was saving correctly. Anyway, that's the price I pay for living out here in the boondocka! You wouldn't think five miles would be that big of deal!. Hah!
    Well, guess I better go. We going out to eat in Goldthwaite with Don's mom, dad and sister, for his dad's birthday. (Which is tomorrow) but I won't be here, and they didn't want to let me out of going haha! I don't know what this place is going to be like, it serves Catfish and froglegs (YUCK!)
    Anyway better start finishing things up so I can get in the tub.

    Love ya !


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