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My niece and nephew recently moved back to our lil country town.  They are working on setting up house here again.  And this time it is a lil more hectic.  You see they have a new baby girl.  We are all so happy for them but see that with 3 girls now, life is getting more hectic.  There are a few more variables too.
Their newest lil lady is having some medical issues.  She is small by nature but does not seem to be putting on that "baby" weight you see so often.  We have been talking about what to feed her.  Of course right now it is all straight natural breast milk.  The best stuff!
But I know that she will be looking into the Best Food for Your Baby & Toddler.  This is a great guide to helping see what foods your children need and will love.  With three girls from infant to school age, taste can become quite finicky.  That can become a big issue with meal times.  I love all the tips, nutritional information and recipes that are stuffed into this volume.  My first cook book for my daughter was Feed Me I'm Yours.  And it was a big help.  Well here we have gone several steps further and learn what is important for different developmental stages.  There are topics on organic foods, preventing childhood obesity and eating routines.  This honestly can help my niece as an all in one guide for all three of her girls.
Now with three children you want to give them all the best possible.  I have always felt that knowledge is power.  So teaching your child gives them a head start on life.  And those first three years can be ever so important.  Superbaby is a book that helps you with tools, tips and techniques to help your child with their potential.  I love that it gives you ways to reduce resistance and avoid tantrums.  This will really help my niece and nephew with their middle daughter.  She is already quite a handful.  But there are more tools on sleep habits, language development, social, emotional and intellectual skills.  I bet that my niece will be happy to lear a lil more to make life easier for her and give a head start for her girls. 

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copies of these books to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.

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