Galxey of Winners Today

We have several winners today.  The first is for the Secretariat Winning Giveaway of  logo printed Secretariat's statue at Belmont ParkImage via Wikipedia
  • Men’s T-Shirt
  • Women’s T-Shirt
  • Youth T-Shirt
  • Hat
And the lucky winner is:
*LLL with Leslie* said...
    I Become a fan on Facebook.
    Leslie Malone
Our next 3 winners come from  Chicken Soup for the Soul: Tough Times Tough People 3 book giveaway.Chicken Soup for the SoulImage by Enokson via Flickr
By the way, Serenity was meant to win because Random number generator picked her number 3 times!
Serenity said...
    Lynette ~
   "What gets you through your tough times?"
    The fact that He sees the absolute utter best in me when everyone else sees the utter worst.
   "What was some of your hardest challenges?"
   The past 19 months have been a living you know what and there isn't enough space to put it all down here.
I follow you here and I am off to hunt you down on FB.
PJ said...
    Hey Kiddo! MY final comment for this give-away. Earlier I stated that my biggest challenge is letting God have "FREE reign on my life to handle my problems, because I keep wanting to do it myself. Well, really I guess I got these questions out of order. What gets me through my Hard Times is Knowing that I do have a God to depend on. Knowing that things will be better off if I just leave them alone and go to God and ask Him to handle whatever the problems are. He already knows them but we have to invite Him into the situations or (our life) to intervene. I sometimes forget that part and wonder why He didn't just automatically do it. Of Course I know the answer to that, but that is for another "book". LOL!
    Love ya bunches!
LoveMy2Dogs said...
   Well, for starters....If I didn't have a wonderful Hubby and a terrific Aunt Judy that I could turn to when times get tough I would probably be locked up somewhere in a Mental ward.
I will be getting email out to all of these ladies so their goodies will be on the way.  Congrats All!


  1. Hey Kiddo! Thanks for the Books! I'm really excited about winning them. I'm definitely going to have to push hubby a little harder for my book shelves! I've been quite blessed this month when it comes to winning book give-aways! Do you need our shipping addresses or e-mail?

    God Bless!


  2. Lynette~

    I was so thrilled to see this post on my phone this morning...He must really want me to read this book! Let me know what information you need and thank you so much my friend.


  3. I am so excited! I sent you my info.

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway!!!

    Have a great day! :)

  4. Mmm, chicken soup.

    I'm hungry.

  5. WONDERFUL!! I really wanted this book. I was looking at it on Amazon and thinking....Hmm, I better just wait a few more days. Boy, am I glad I did.

    Thanks Lynette!!

    PS: Congrats to the other winners.


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