Can You Keep a Secret?

I love my Dear Hubby.  You know I do.  I talk about him all the time.  And I try try try to make life easy on him.  He works so very hard at two jobs.  Doing it so he can provide child support to his two previous wives.  It is important, that is for sure.  But in doing all he does he gets very very very little comfort.
I try to do things for him.  Like rub his feet with Avon Cracked Heel Relief cream.  It makes them softer and heals them from all the walking and standing he has to do.  I also try to keep his medication box filled.  He doesn't have to think about what he has to take for his different ailments.  Just opens his hand and pours what we call the old age breakfast into it.  Not fun but needed.  Oh, in the winter, when he is in the shower getting ready for work.  I grab his uniforms and under clothes and run them in the dryer to get warm.  Nothing like getting out of the shower and having warm and toasty items to dress in.  Since we do not have heaters in our bathrooms it can get pretty drafty in this 100 year old house.
But, this year....I am not going to be doing that one anymore.  Why?  Have I had enough?  Am I rebelling?  Why would I not continue to treat a hard working man to a small creature comfort?  Why?????
Well because I have a special surprise for him.  I have an Infinity Towel Warmer from Warmly Yours to install in the bathroom.  This is a plug in model so just a few screws and all, then it will be ready to go.  I think he is going to be totally blown away with this.  He will have his own spa treatment.  Hang his clothes and towel on the Infinity Towel Warmer.  Plug it in.  Hop in the shower....and viola', instant happiness.  There are 10 bars to hand his items on.  And it only weighs 9 pounds.  So I am not worried about it pulling out of the wall once secured there.  There is also a 1 year warranty with it.   
Now I am going to show you a picture of it.  It is not hanging up here.  Not yet.  Remember it is a surprise for Dear Hubby.  No telling anyone.....especially you two guys....Skyler's Dad and Captain Dumbass....yeah, I know y'all want one of these too!  I am going to give it to him for Christmas.  Install it while he is sleeping and have it there Christmas morning.  Don't you think he is going to love it?  I do!
DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary Infinity Towel Warmer from Warmly Yours to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.  But gosh, I thought this was amazing as it is.  Lucky me!


  1. Now that is a cool "warm" idea! What a lucky hubby! And What an EXTRA GOOD WIFE!

    God Bless!


  2. Your hubby is a very lucky man!

  3. Hey Kiddo!I just read your Penny Pinching Post. I didn't know if you go back and check for comments, so I thought I better just comment on this one. Anyway, hubby does (or I should say "did") a lot of canning. I never tried it. He made homemade bread and butter pickles one time from the garden (it was a good year then, several years ago). They were delish! Anyway, I am go to try your "sliders" recipe. It sounds great. Maybe cause I LOOOOVE Hamburgers. LOL! I didn't go to POW-WOW. I usually help out at our Stir-Fry booth for the church, but didn't even do that this year. Well, guess I better end this book so someone else will have a chance. Love ya bunches!

  4. What a nifty thing to have, especially in the winter time.

  5. That post is the sweetest thing ever :)



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