Penny Pinching or Smart Thinking

I have had several things going on today. The first I wish to share is my goodie bag I have from Nessa and Con Agra Foods and HEB Stores. I won in a giveaway over at Ramblings of a Texas Housewife. Look at all the goodies I received.
  • A reusable ConAgra shopping tote
  • $25 HEB gift card
  • Peter Pan peanut butter
  • 4 - pack Low Fat Snack Pack Pudding
  • Healthy Choice Fresh Mixer
  • LaChoy Creation Sweet n' Sour Chicken
  • LaChoy Soy Sauce
  • Chef Boyardee Whole Wheat Beefaroni
  • Hunt's Ketchup
  • Marie Callender's Homestyle Creation
The best yet is there is a $25 gift card in that photo. With that card College Girl is stopping at the HEB in the town where she goes to school. She can use that card and buy 4 items and we will get 10 items free. See the shopping list that I am getting this way.

  1. H-E-B Fully Cooked Burgers 24 - 32 oz.
  2. H-E-B Hot Dogs, 16 oz.
  • GET 7 items free!
  • H-E-B Dip, 8 oz.
  • H-E-B Potato Chips 4 oz.
  • Hill Country Fare Mustard, 16 oz.
  • H-E-B Bake Shop® Hamburger Buns 8 ct., regular
  • H-E-B Bake Shop® Hot Dog Buns, 8 ct. 
  • H-E-B Soft Drink 2 L btl.
  • ChefStyle® Chip Clips, 2 pk. 
  1. H-E-B Fully Cooked Beef Meatloaf with Red Sauce
  • get free!
  • Simply Macaroni & Cheese, 20 oz.
  • Pepperidge Farm Garlic Bread, 10 oz. 
  1. 8 Piece Mixed Fried Chicken
  • get free! 
  • Hill Country Fare Buttermilk Biscuits 4 ct.
Now add that to the goodies in the bag and dear heart I have struck the mother load!  It adds up to 6 meals for my family and several items that College Girl can use for lunches at school.  And none of this cost me a red cent.  I have to say thanks so much to Nessa, HEB stores and ConAgra foods for helping me out this way!
Next is today's make it work lesson. First long story shortened. Lunch did not go the way I planned. We were going to have sliders. I had the hamburger meat, buns (or so I thought) and onions. So will at the store to drop off scripts for Dear Hubby I picked up a jar of dill pickles, sliced cheese and some lettuce. Well in our produce section they have discounted $1 bags. Today I snatched up a bag with a head of lettuce and 3 cucumbers. Now that saved me .29 cents on just the lettuce and made the cucumbers free. I went home and sliced up the lettuce for the sliders. Longer story there....did not work, did not have buns and hamburger meat fell apart cooking. So we had sliders in tortillas instead. Worked. Ha Ha.  Tonight the rest of the meat, lettuce and onions are going to help me make taco salad.  Have all the stuff here and will get another meal that way. 
But I used the cucumbers to make us 2 jars of homemade pickles for later use.  I sliced up the cucumbers and packed them into jars. 
Nice thin slices made with my lovely Yoshi ceramic knife. That was a birthday present this year and I adore it. Have not even cut myself which is the norm for me.
Next I drained the juice from the pickles I had bought into one jar. The other had 2/3 vinegar and 1/3 water in it.
I then added just a lil (oh about a tablespoon) of dill pickling powder that I already had to the first jar. The other jar I put in about 3 tablespoons of it.
Here is the Ball spice that was in the back of my cabinet already. Well I shook them up real well and stuck them in the fridge. I am going to let them cold pickle and hope to have two jars of pickles later on.
Well? What do you think? Are there things like that you do?  Ways to stretch the dollar.  Or ideas of gosh this did not work so what can I do with it?  Do you even try to cut corners.  Does it work or do you find that you just have to fix the "homemade" item with a store bought?  I know I really do try and stretch the almighty dollar and feed our family of 4.  With just this today I will have a total of 8 meals and the only extra cost was just under $5.00 today.  This is how we work to live frugally yet still be happy with our choices. 

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  1. My daughter went to the Bent & Dent (Amish discount groceries) and got a 24 ct box of Luzianne Family size tea bag for $1.60 ($4 something at Krogers) and there was a .30 off coupon on the package and a $1 off coupon inside the box. What a great bargain.


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