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 What have you wanted for in your life....really prayed for?  Was it for you child?  Your finances?  Did you need food or health care?  More so, solace for your soul?  I know that I desire many things.  We all do, I guess.  But I find it harder to pray for something for myself.  Now for you, my family, my friends....I will be happy to drop on my knees and beg for your case.  Do you find that you have felt that way too?
But I have still experience Miracles in my lifetime.  Amazing things that fill my life with awe.  The birth of my daughter was a miracle for me.  She was born 3 months early and only weighed 2 lbs 1 1/4 oz.  When she arrived home 2 months later she was only at 3 lbs.  A very tiny baby.  And her miracle?  Well she is perfectly healthy.  Not any lung issues, no birth defects, no major illness of any kind.  That is so hard to have happened when she was so so so early to this world.  Now I have my lovely College Girl that is beautiful and proud and an amazing woman.  My miracle.

Another miracle?  Of course there are more.  I have my Dear Hubby.  He has had God's hand on him many a time.  He is a walking talking miracle to me.  He was in a coma for a month.  All of his organs shut down completely.  He has had his heart valves replaced by pig valves.  His heart has been reshaped.  He now has a pacemaker to keep it going.  He has overcome Hep C with a year of  treatments.  He has beat MRSA 3 times.  He has stopped drugs over 10 years, stopped drinking over 4 years and now has stopped smoking as of 10 days!  Bigger still?  He adores me....how lucky of a woman can I ever be?  My 2nd miracle.
The Faith, sculpted in stone from Badajoz in 1...Image via WikipediaThat is enough right?  No?  Well OK, my 3rd miracle!  For me....ME!  I am a good one.  I have grown into a healthy bright loving adult even with a rather spotty past.  I have grown through 6 years of torment and sexual abuse as a child to now have forgiven the person and even come to have a loving relationship with him.  I have had good doctors and therapist to help me understand the mental illness that pervades my brain.  And can function despite being Bi-Polor, OCD, PTSD,  Chronic Depression and Schizophrenic tendencies.  I do not hide, I love others and myself, I can function in public and more than anything, I am happy with myself and my life.  My 3rd miracle to me.
So since I feel so blessed I want to share more blessings with you.  I have the best of the Chicken Soup books now.   Chicken Soup for the Soul: A Book of Miracles  101 True Stories of Healing, Faith, Divine Intervention, and Answered Prayers.  This is a book that has amazing stories prove that God is alive and very active in the world today, working miracles on our behalf. This book of miracles will encourage, uplift, and recharge the faith of Christian readers.  And I have 3 of them to share with you.  Yes your very own miracle book giveaway.  All I ask is if you will leave a comment with me.  Tell me what miracles are in your life.  Are they big?  Do you see the small ones too?  Oh and make sure you leave me an email too so I can contact you with your winnings.  I will pick 3 winners in two weeks.


  1. Wow lady, you definitely have some Thank You's to say to the good man up above.

    My daughter too was born early, but only 7 weeks early. She weighed 3 pounds and 5 1/2 ounces. She too had no lung problems or anything. The didn't want to release her until she weighed in at 4 pounds but she got to come home at 3 14 anyway. She was in the NICU for 19 days. What a miracle she is.

    Depression and bi-polar are definitely something that you have to battle everyday. Sometimes I get tired of battling depression and just sit and let the tears flow but then I stop and think of everything that keeps me going and then say my Thank You's to that man up there.


  2. Beautiful post Lynette :)

    Miracles... Very insightful question depending on how you look at it...

    Through battling bi-polar, rape, drug abuse, getting clean, falling off the wagon twice and climbing back on, marriage to my best friend, that same best friend adandoning me for another woman, 2 beautiful boys one of which no longer speaks to me, homelessness, carless, penniless one thing has always stayed the same - His love for me, no matter that I turned away from it, when I was ready to come, He opened His arms for me, He helped me to become a woman I never thought I could be and now He is allowing my testimony to be used for others...To help them overcome anything through Him.


  3. I am amazed by little miracles so often. God shows His love to me in little ways, and I don't want to miss it! I think going hand-in-hand with miracles is an attitude of thankfulness for what He does do in my life!
    wilburnnewsome atyahoodotcom

  4. The big miracles are hard to ignore- living through an auto accident that the doctors swore should have killed me, having 3 children when I was supposed to be infertile, etc.

    I task myself to find and appreciate the small miracles- a butterfly landing on me when I feel lonely, a nice breeze when I am working in the heat and desperately need it, the "lost" $5 I find just when we are out of bread and milk.

    I appreciate every gift from God. Big, small and even the ones that don't seem like great gifts at the time.

  5. I just wanted to touch on this. As my sister-in-law, you know my story well. I have been blessed with a wonderful daughter who has overcome multiple disorders to become a bright and funny freshman in high school. I have a wonderful husband (as you personally know) who took on the responsibility of helping raise the same child I just mentioned. I also am very lucky to still have my mom who just came through cancer treatments. I also have many wonderful friends and family members (you know where you fit in here!) I have dozens of other smaller blessings, but I just wanted to bring a few to the front.

  6. I have lost so many people in my family from my mother, dad, brother, two favorite uncles, my best friend, and my oldest daughter. Through it all, God has given me the strength to continue, and He has blessed my life one-hundred fold. He has answered my prayers with blessings for my two youngest (adult) children in more ways than I can name, and He has blessed me with two wonderful little granddaughters that are my heart! Being able to see the beauty in life and to carry on in the face of so many losses is a miracle in itself, powered by God!

  7. I've experienced both big miracles, like when my mom's cancer simply disappeared (leaving her doctors baffled), and small ones, like when one of my days manages to go surprisingly well. I think we all experience miracles, if we look closely enough at our lives.


  8. Oh dear...there is not enough room on the interweb to list all of my miracles!! My daughter being born healthy with a diagnosis of Turner's Syndrome and with me having appendicitis wrongly diagnosed a month before she was born.

    Hitting a dear head on in a Geo Metro and living to tell the tail (and drive the car again!)

    All of my friends and family are miracles in my life! I thank God daily to have you all...though I still need to get you all to follow me up here to NY!

    My back pain disappearing about 2 years ago so I didn't have to have surgery.

    Quitting smoking...over 3 weeks now!

    I could keep going but I will leave some space for others.

    (I think you know my e-mail and how to reach me)

  9. Miracles is such an interesting topic, I feel like little ones happen every day. I have a happy, healthy family who is all employed during these tough economic times what more could I ask for.
    hmhenderson AT yahoo dOT com

  10. I feel God has blessed me greatly and I have experienced many miracles. The greatest is my daughter! I was told for 12 years that I was unable to have children. I was reading about Abraham and Sarah one morning in my devotion and prayed that God would bless us in His time. Well, our little miracle is 9 months old!! God always listens!!


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