Winners for Giveaways

Smiley from the sMirC-series. congratsImage via WikipediaI have two winners this morning. The first is for the book, My Lost Daughter. I so enjoyed this thriller. I am hoping that it is as exciting for:
gayle said...
Thanks for the review!! Sounds like something I would love to read!!
Congrats!  I sent you an email letting you know. 

I also have a winner for the  die cut business cards prints!  And the winner there is:        
LoveMy2Dogs said...
I have two things I would love to do with these cards. I would either use them for my daycare business or my hubby's handyman business. I am sure though that he would get them if I were to win.
 I have a text message going out to you to let you know.  But I will be sending your email on to UPrinting so you can get your code.  Congrats Tammy!


  1. Awesome!! I needed these!!


  2. I had to laugh about your cooking and sewing experiences. My mom made me take that year of sewing too. I think it was to torture me for being an annoying teenager!

  3. Thank you so very much!! I can't wait!!


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