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June supervises the boys and their friends, To...Image via WikipediaVintage-usually of high quality, characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal, classic. When you say something is Vintage, then your referring to the age and quality of that item. We love a good vintage wine due to it's bold flavor.  Or the clothing that we wear may be vintage because it takes us back to a great time period.  A vintage car is a classic and you can not find better these days.  We look to our past to find a rating for quality.  And in looking for life that is of quality we often say we have vintage values.  Values that make our life have meaning and character.
But in that are we teaching our children of those same values?  Today we have a fast pace modern life.  But our children's lives are often faster than our own.  Don't believe me?  Try to keep up with a 10 year old and see how you hold up for just one day.  I love saying I am a "June Cleaver" woman caught in a modern world.  That is not just that I love the look of that era.  But I love the feel of that life.  One where manners were important.  A man's word was his bond.  Respect was given freely, not dished out only to the few.  And I also felt that it was important to teach my own now College Girl from this value system.  There are ways but it is easy to have a helping hand from 'Modern Parents, Vintage Values'.  This is a great lil tool to help you instill character in your children.  Isn't it USA that ask what kind of Character are you?  Well I am one that values these things.
  • Kindness
  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Gratitude
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Patience
  • Confidence
  • Manners
I am sure you do too.  But do you see that around you?  Are you sharing those things with your children or grandchildren?  How do you teach these lessons?  Is it possible with all that bombards our kids.  The internet, social media, the issue of you see these battles in your life?  How about the lack of respect that is now in society.  That we have to jump through hoops just to be seen then ignored once we are there.  Can you change that?  I think so.  And teaching our children to share from their hearts and souls is the beginning.  I bet you would love to have this lil gem of a book to hand out to your family and friends too.  I love it.  That along with my pearl necklace and high heel pumps.
Now once we have done that it is time to tackle the really hard part of life.  You know....the questions.  Those tween years of why? how? when? and do I?  I know that when I was first learning of my own womanhood I had a shock.  My mom did not talk to me.  I had seen the cheesy film at school but did not understand that.  When my BFF first started her 'cycle' at a slumber party we all thought she was dying.  The first ladies visit at the doctor for me was a shocker.  He wanted to do what!  Why!  And my mom was not even in the room!  I did not want this to be the lessons for my daughter.  I wanted to educate her in a wiser fashion.  We did some things.  Like go to a hands on exhibit of how a baby is brought about.  Well, not that hands on.  But where the child was and how did it grow.  Funny, I thought I was being so good and my daughter never even remembers us going to that museum.  But she does remember the doctors visit.  Why?  Well, because I thought I would teach her from one of my own visits.  Let her attend, hold my hand, ask questions, all with a nice female doctor to make her feel comfortable.  Easy...right?  NO!  Instead we went.  We had a female doctor.   I got ready with my daughter in the room.  And then when the hand holding question part was to start, things went south.  WAY SOUTH! 
exam roomImage by Maggie Osterberg via Flickr
Yeah, my lil innocent lil girl decided to see what was this all about.  And see she did.  Yep!  She headed on down with the doctor and got a good up close look at her mom in a way I never expected.  She asked questions.  And she learned.  But I thought I was never going to be able to look her in the face again.  Gosh!  There has to be an easier way.  And I think now that I don't need it I have found just the right thing.  'Start Talking' is a girl's guide for you and your daughter about health, sex and whatever else you may come across.  It is great at questions and answers from the top to the bottom of our bodies.  All those things women have to learn about and control.  And it goes on from there to some of the harder questions of relationships and body image.  I wish I had had this book before.  Way before!
But I can share it with you!  Yeah, I scored one to giveaway.  So maybe some other mom does not have to have her daughter learn up close and personal.  Or so that some lil girl one day finds out she is a woman before she was ready.  I want you to leave a comment for the entry to win this book.  Make sure you leave an email to reach you.  But most of all....tell me how did you learn, tell your child or make that transition?  Be honest...I was!


  1. I think that the Modern Parents, Vintage Values book sounds wonderful. I am a firm believer that Values are what is missing in the United States today.

    Now, I didn't go quite as far as you did with the Dr visit but I did take my daughter when she was 16. Her flow was so heavy, it was terrible and had all of scared to death. We both had a visit on the same day and talked to her about what was going to happen a few times and asked if she wanted me to go with her or vice versa and she said "MOM!" lol Well, the wonderful female OB/GYN that we went to did not do a full exam on her because she was not 18 or sexually active yet and just put her on the pill to regulate her. Needless to say when it came time to go to the appointment after her 18th birthday she was less than happy about it. Oh, the things we do as females.

    I had to find out all about all that "stuff" from friends and the cheesy health class. My mom did not talk to me about things like that either. Not even after she figured out that me and my future Hubby were doing the wild thing. No suggestions of birth control or anything. What the heck was she thinking? lol


  2. bj its_me_bj@yahoo.com10/1/10, 4:33 PM

    ok i have to ask. after you got over your embarassment how did cg handle it. my little herd of turtles is a way off yet. we just lost our 1st tooth and i'm all in a panic. i was a late bloomer so between the health class and girl talk i wasn't so shocked but like you my mom never talked about anything sex related. other than to say you don't do it till you're married and no one but yourself and the dr should see you naked. i'm trying so hard to do thing with out all the "stigma" for my kids. i like you approach in the be honest and not mystious about everything.

  3. I was a lucky girl, because my mom was always very open about discussing sex and puberty and I knew I could always talk to her. I have tried to be the same with my kids, but my 12 year old is shy and I don't want to make her uncomfortable.


  4. I love that you're offering this book as a giveaway.

    Although I had a great relationship with my mother, she was so unbelievably uncomfortable discussing the human body with me. I turned to my sister with all my questions. My mother just couldn't handle it. I am determined not to be that way with my daughter. I want her to be able to come to me with anything. I know it's uncomfortable to talk about, but I want to be able to help her through anything and not have her guessing like I did.

    Kkrasowski at comcast dot net.

  5. My kids are now 30(daughter) and 28(son) and I felt open and honest was the best route. I also felt it was every mother's responsibility to teach her son how to treat a woman so he held doors, gave up seats, and was considerate towards women. I had an open door policy on any question and answered it honestly.
    We have a close relationship today and I think always being available to them encouraged that relationship.
    Glad to find your blog.

  6. Hey there kiddo! Thank you so much for the wonderful loving comment on my blog. I'm flattered that he wondered if I was a Pastor. I had to stop and slap myself (a love slap) because for a split second I was thinking, "yes! I'm doing good! My posts doesn't sound like just any post stating my opinions." Then I remembered that I pray before I post and it is God that inspires me in what I type. It He that gets the glory! So I came back to reality. Now if He would just show me how to cut down my comments so they would read like a post or book, that would be great! Haha! I cut my coment in half and separated my points. Maybe I'll start doing that to all my extra long-winded comments ! HA!

    God Bless, and Luve you Bunches!


  7. LOL! I love it! I laughed so hard. The curiosity of a child! Well, I don't have any kiddos running around so I don't need the book, but it sounds like it would be a good ice-breaker. What happened to me was similar to your friend. I had gone to the "drugstore" to get a coke (back then we had soda fountains), and felt like I needed to use the rr- went two doors down to the laundry mat, and WHAM! I thought I was bleeding to death! I ran all the way home screaming. All momma said was be careful, now you can get pregnant! What?! All I wanted to to with boys was play football!. Anyway, I learned a little more from the Miss Deb booklet that came in the SN box. Whooopee! Didn't help much!
    Anyway, I wish we could go back to the fifties! I love the family togetherness back then they weren't all doing their "own thing". Family came second like it should (GOD first, family second and THEN everything else).

    God Bless!


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