No Smoking & Giveaway too!

Do you have a busy weekend planned?  We are hoping to get to do several things this weekend.  First off we have actually planned to keep as busy as possible.  Why?  Well my Dear Hubby is quitting smoking.  And he has found that free time is really hard to keep from wanting to fill his time with a smoke.  So busy hands keep us smoke free too.
Ruff Ruffman at the White HouseImage by creativedc via Flickr
Since he has to work on Saturday mornings at the plant we had a kid friendly morning planned.  My niece and her family are staying with us for a lil while.  So we have 3 great nieces here with us, ages from 2 months to almost 3 to a grown up 9 years old.  Such ages that it can be a challenge to get something for everyone at the same time.  But this morning we can bridge that gap with Fetch with Ruff Ruffman.  Have you seen Ruff Ruffman on PBS Kids before?  Oh we adore this fun show.  We were able to see the show that premieres Monday 10-4-10.  So you can see it too.  This is season 5.  So if you have not seen Ruff, you know it is a tried and true show hit with the kids.  It is part animation, part explore and learn and part game show.  A great mind thrilling combo for kids 6 to 10 years old.  We have 6 new contestants on the show, that is if Ruff can get around to finding them....he is pretty busy trying to find his parents.  You can see clips of the show at PBS Kids here.
After that when Dear Hubby gets home we have some plans for catching up on chores.  Again that idle hands issue.  I am also helping out by encourging some better dental habits.  I love that I can now send the Bryton Pick for him to floss his teeth anywhere he is at.  It is the coolest dental pick that has a carry pouch that will fit in your wallet.  The same size as a credit card even, so small and thin.  It is helping him to have something to do, have better dental health and keep his hands busy even.  I love that it is good for 30 days too.  Do you floss after meals?  Better than having a smoke after eating isn't it!
I know another lil trick that is helping out Dear Hubby too.   And that is by giving him gum to chew.  He says that he is 'GLEE-fully' giving up smoking.  Ha Ha!  I do like the gum he is chewing though.  Dear Hubby has enjoyed the GLEE Gum that we have.  His favorite flavor is Spearmint.  Much better tasting than smoking for sure.  I like that the gum is all natural.  And it is made with chicle like the gum I grew up chewing.  Did you know it is also soy, gluten, dairy and nut free.  So pretty much safe for any one to chew it.  Do you like to chew gum?  College Girl loves too, always has.  And you can get free gum with Glee on Twitter Tuesday and Facebook Friday too!  Now this is not something that is always easy for me to find.  But I can make it.  Yeah really!  The have a Chewing Gum kit.  This is a cool way to have a project to do with the kids and educate them about reusable products.  Well, that is the way I think.  The kit is easy and it makes 90 pieces of gum.  WOW!  You like that idea?  Well I am glad because guess what.  Yeah you have that right....I have one to giveaway.  Easy as always to enter.  Sadly you have to be here in the continual US to win this contest.  Just leave me a comment and tell me what is your favorite gum or gum flavor.  I grew up with Chicklets so loved them so much.  Maybe because I am in Texas but it was a big thing to me growing up.  Glee gum is much like that gum I had growing up.  And flavor....I am a cinnamon kinda girl.
I was lucky enough to have these items sent to me to try out.  But of course the usual, no one pays me for my thoughts.  I just hand them out for free. 


  1. bj its_me_bj@yahoo.com10/4/10, 2:50 PM

    this sounds like so much fun. gonna pass you long on my fb page as always. we have flavor debates all the time hubby likes the old clove flavor gum (EEEWWWW!!!! YUCKY!!!!) i like mint.

    good luck to your dh.

  2. I normally chew Dentyne, but I am trying to find a more natural alternative. Glee Gum sounds interesting and perfect for what I;m looking for.

    I love to chew gum, and I also have a habit of popping it when I'm bored (which drives my friends nuts!)

  3. I love the little crunch that Chicklets have, but my favorite gum is Super Bubble. I am one of those annoying gum crackers and bubble blowers. lol

  4. I like Dentyne Fire which is a VERY strong Cinnamon! Thanks for the chance!

  5. I grew up chewing Fruit Stripe but now I tend to chew Orbit - any mint. Would love to make some sounds neat!!

  6. I love me some Big RED! LOL. I hope I win, this would be fun to make with the kids!

    amandadrake @ hotmail . com

  7. My current favorite gum is Chiclets Spearmint.


  8. Right now I can only chew the full of sugar Bubble Gum stuff or Dentyne Fire. I'm allergic to NutraSweet (Phenylalanine) and its in every kind of gum out there. Trust me, I've checked. I miss gum. *sighs*


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