Princess Emma and Beauty

Now there are not many ways that College Girl and Princess Emma are alike.  But....there is one for sure.  And that is the love of Beauty and the Beast.  This was one of CG's favorite Disney movies.  She watched it over and over and over again. Singing along and knowing that all was going to come out right at the end of the show.  Princess Emma is the very same age that CG was when she first saw Beauty and the Beast.  And she is falling in love too.  Of course she knows Belle because she knows ALL the Disney Princesses.  But she has not seen the show before today.  Oh you would love to see the dancing going on now!  Gliding and leaping and deep deep deep bows.  I am entranced. 
Beauty and the Beast has been released on Blu-ray high-definition as of Monday the 5th of October.  It is a great combo pack of Blu-ray and DVD.  So for us that is two movies for the price of one!  Many theaters are also having sing-a-longs showing.  Oh how College Girl would love that.  Too bad we are over 100 miles from any major town.  Do you remember singing along with the whole entourage? 
Since I am such an avid reader I thought you might want to print up some bookmarks to share with the kids.  And make sure you get time to sing along with Be Our Guest as it is one great number.  I am off for a second showing.  It is so wonderful to have this one sent to me in the mail.  I am thrilled to do the review....wouldn't you be?



  2. OMGosh, when our daughter was growing up I bet we watched that 1000+ times. It is such a great movie!!


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