For the Love of Our Pets

Once again College Girl has attacked my mail. It is amazing how fast she can hit that mail box when a new book has arrived. I am unsure which member of this house loves to read the most. Well this time she took the book The Dog who Healed a Family and other True Animal Stories. Well I will let her tell you about the book now.

I've always had pets in my house, from the time I was four years old and decided I wanted a kitten. When I asked my dad for one, his response was something along the lines of "you can have a cat or me." I replied, without missing a beat: "when are you moving out?" The next
day, mom and I went and got Snowball, the demon kitten from hell. After learning that Siamese cats are occasionally insane due to inbreeding, we got an older, spayed, de-clawed cat named Annie. That started a wonderful group of various pets, everything from dogs and cats to finches and ferrets. Suffice to say, I love animals.

With my great love for animals, I asked to review Jo Coudert's book for my mom's blog. The Dog who Healed a Family and other True Animal Stories that warm the heart & touch the soul is a book that delivers exactly what it promises. There were stories in this book that drove me to happy tears and others that had me wishing I could live the events that were described. Everything is written simply and to the point, the collected stories told without too much excess. Animal stars range from dogs to birds to deer to raccoons all of whom work miracles on the hearts of their owners. These stories reminded me of
things central to my life: animals are people too and miracles can happen in everyday life. As I read, I remembered my own pets, those I still own and those who have lived their lives as my spoiled babies, who have left their own special tracks on my heart.

We currently have 5 dogs and 4 cats + 1 stray. Our pet population has had almost every kind of pet you can imagine except reptiles. Our favorite was the 3 pet rats. Yes, Rats! But nothing beats any animals unconditional love. What could warm your heart any better than that?
DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.

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