Fresh Looks

This is what I look like most days. Just plain ol me without any make up. At least my hair is brushed. But I wish I had a brighter look. I would like to be well......

With curly hair that is fresher.
More red to it.
And of course, with make up on.

So what would you think?

BTW I have to thank Jana over at Life with the Leonard's. I have been playing with her Mary Kay site. That is where I was able to do all the changes and have a virtual make over. Now I know what make up I need to buy. But where can I get that hair?

1 comment:

  1. Hey Kiddo! Personally, I like the top picture better. You look natural in that one. The bottom one doesn't even look like you. You're pretty just the way you are. Do me a favor and check out the Prayer Line tab on my blog, ok?

    Love ya Bunches!



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