Done or Done In

Whew!  Last day of Christmas cookie making.  We averaged out at 57 dozen cookies and 28 loaves of banana and pumpkin bread.  (14 of each.)  Just for you knowledge that is 684 cookies.   Lucky me, my niece helped me cook half the cookies and my best-est friend traveled 150 miles (one way) to help me make the other half.  Tomorrow we finish up delivering our home made gifts of breads, cookies and jams.

The big hits on cookies this year was making red hot
Almond butter
cinnamon sugar cookies shaped like the Millennium Falcon and Tie Fighter for JD from the set in the photo.  She will love finding these as her special holiday cookie.  I did not get to do a Shark cookie for Dear Hubby but did make him almond butter trail cookies.  Granny M has oatmeal with raisins, cranberries and cherries in them.  Oh and mine are lemon spice ginger cookies.

And I really enjoyed breakfast this morning.  JD popped in and made us banana bread french toast.  Nessa of Texas Housewife popped over with her mom.  Today was Nessa's birthday.  Best still was The Other Mother got a day pass out of the hospital to get things together for Princess Emma's Christmas.  They was able to stop by here.  Everyone ran out to the car to see The Other Mother.  We are all praying for her F U L L recovery.

So yes busy day, full day but a really true Christmas day.  Filled with family, friends, lots of laughter and wonderful scents.  There was even some cookie stealing!


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