Eve of Anticipation

Christmas Eve is a time of anticipation.  The desire to open just one gift.  Pretty please just one....the biggest one of course.  Most of us was granted the wish with the exception it be a small gift.  I know that it always appeased me.

Now family and friends want you to open your gift so they can see your reaction.  Not being with you on the big day they miss out.  But then us older folks then do not have much of anything under the tree.  I want to hold out.  Wait, build up the anticipation.  All the opposite of what it was as a child.

That makes me think, it is not what we receive at all.  But the dream of receiving.  The desire fulfilled that to someone we are so special they thought to show it with a token.  Of course this happens all through out the year in so many ways.  Having a card dropped in the mail unexpectedly.  Being invited to join in a casual dinner.  And that hug when you meet out in public.  All gifts to show you matter.

So isn't it a lil like Christmas Eve every time....just without all of the anticipation?

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