Christmas Through Pictures

Oh today has been lovely.  I hope you have had a very Merry Christmas.  Isn't it lovely to see that all of the lil ones were snug in their bed.  Since we could not be with all of our Grandbabes, they shared photos of their holiday with us.  Facebook is great for that!

  I thought that since I shared Crazed Mind's Gift Guide with you this year, I should also share my favorite gifts received this year.

My Grandbabe TK was thrilled when she opened up her Make Your Own Chocolate kit made by Glee Gum.  I knew it was a perfect match since she had been asking me just how Chocolate was made.

Then there was the book that Dear Hubby and I (aka Coppie and Nonnie) recorded for our youngest Grandbabe, The Turtle.  An all time favorite of A Charlie Brown Christmas is a recordable book by Hallmark.

But I think my all time favorite is seeing this perched on the hand of our middle daughter.  She is so happy as we are for her and her betrothed.

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