Cookie Time

Well we have the Christmas jellies all sorted out for gifts.  Next is baking the Christmas cookies and breads.  Since we average 60 to 80 dozen cookies baked and 20 to 30 loaves of bread I have enlisted help.  My niece is going to come and give me a hand.  Normally JD is here but with her now working two jobs it seems that her hands are kinda full.

christmas cookies
christmas cookies (Photo credit: LizMarie_AK)

I have quite a lot of different 'chips' to put in the cookies this year.  I love the idea of cinnamon chips since JD loves her red hot sugar cookies every year.  I am nursing a pretty bad headache right now.  (Remember the Arnold-Chairi Syndrome)  Praying the medication helps so I can get to the baking I need to do. Also need to roast the last pumpkin for pumpkin bread.

So who out there wants to show up on my door step and lend a helping hand?  I promise I provide all the free coffee you could want.  And we are required to eat any broken cookies.  Fumble fingers that we are!

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