Day 1 Finished-Almost

Today started off Christmas Cookie baking.  Now normally it is all done in one day but I think it will take me three days this year.  You see JD is off on her own now and I do not have my normal bevy of helpers.  Also this horrid headache that has yet to leave me for over a week is really playing havoc with my thinking process!

My niece came over to help me today and we accomplished 29 dozen cookies today.  That was a good third of the cookies.  My favorite is the kaleidoscope cookies I make every year.  You separate your cookie dough into thirds and then color each one with a different food coloring.

I totally forgot that you are to put it in a zip lock bag with the food coloring.  Then you mash it all around to mix the color in.  Poor DeDee helped and had food coloring all over her hands.

Next you roll the dough into 'snakes' to make one big twisted log of cookie dough.  Chill to make it easier then slice off the cookies.  Run them through colored sugar.  (Just sugar mixed with food coloring once again.)  And then bake.  They turn out so pretty.

Since I have been so taken with cookies I have not had time to think.  But I did find out about this really fun free downloadable holiday coloring book! I thought you might wanna get yourself a copy.  

There is also a  Funny Face holiday photo contest.  It's fun and easy and just a way to spread some smiles this holiday season! FunnyFaceCran are hosting a photo contest where you can submit a pic of your funniest face! Win $300 to Amazon & MORE!  That is a pretty good deal.  You might wanna check it out.  

Well y'all have a great night.  I am going to slow down, take some meds and crawl in bed.  Oh wait!  First I have to go get the frozen bananas and pumpkin out of the freezer to thaw for breads tomorrow.  Yeah, I blend down the fresh fruit and have it ready to cook up in my holiday breads.  Okay, after that I am going to get some rest.

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  1. Wow, you made 39 dozen today and it is going to take you three days to get it all done. That is some hefty baking. I bought all the stuff for my favorite cookie ever......the sugar cookie, but I have not made any.

    I just can not get in the the Christmas spirit this year. Still no tree up here at our house and there probably won't be one either. I am so happy that my baby girl is here with us while she is STILL waiting to get into her house that is eventually buying in the Spring and I guess that depresses me even more than this time of year normally does. Plus physical therapy for my back has me worn out.

    If I don't talk to you before, you and your family all have a very very Merry Christmas!! Oh, and I got your Christmas card, thank you!! I didn't even send cards out this year. I guess I am a real Scrooge.


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