Just Missed the Reindeer?

Today we drove about two hours away to deliver Christmas gifts to the grandbabes.  Oh how lovely a day.  Visiting with our kids and babes.  Meeting our maybe new son in law and his adorable daughter too.  Games, lunch and a show even.  All very joyful as holidays should be.

Then we headed for our drive home just about dark-thirty.  On the last leg of the journey a beautiful deer ran out in front of us on the highway.  Dear Hubby hit the brakes and swung the car around 90 degrees across the highway and onto the ditch through the sand.  Of course I was screaming the whole time.

As the car came to a stand still all we could say was thank God we were all okay. We pulled back on the highway and stopped at the first gas station to get out of the car and walk around a lil.  Staggered by the close miss.  Finally we felt we could continue on.  Just outside of the small town we realized we had a flat.  The tire had shredded from the drastic fast turn we had made.  So in the dark Dear Hubby started the process of changing the tire.

We had the jack (those lil zig zag ones) fall out from under the car once.  Dear Hubby had to lift the car while I dragged it out.  After three tries he finally gets it to stand up in the soft sand and get the spare on.  Once again back on the highway to finish getting home.  Yes, more.  The spare had a bubble on it.  So we drove ever so slow limping the last 50 miles home.

But we are here safe and sound.  Shook up but safe.  Man I hope Santa has an easier trip delivering gifts on Christmas eve.

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  1. wow, that sounds like a pretty intense drive! Glad you made it home OK.


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