Are You One of Them?

a musical presentImage via WikipediaNiecey said...
I follow your blog via google friend connect - Niecey
nieceyd at
. So you can get the
* Certain Dri,
* Crystex Liquid Cranberry Complex,
* ROTHO eye drops. 

Ranch Hand Jellies is giving away one jar of the flavor of your choice to a lucky reader. That would be?
Niecey ALSO said...
I love the look of the honey jalapeno

But I can share with you. We have a copy of "Mothers Need Time-Outs, Too" for one lucky winner.
Leonard Family said...
I follow via twitter

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive has 3 copies of the book just to share.
Leslie said...
HI! I am your newest follower and wanted to say Thanks for wishing me Congrats on another blogger's page. That was very kind of you! I won the "Chicken Soup for the Soul; A book of Miracles" I LOVE the Chicken Soup series! I would love to win one of your copies and hope I am still eligible. I just stopped by to say thanks, follow you, and happened upon your giveaway! YAY! Have a super positively blessed day!
kittykets said...
This is open worldwide right? Yes! That's thinking positively..
One attractive Filipino trait is that even through hardships, trials and pain, we never fail to SMILE and to keep on fighting.
Thinking positively is what motivates us to move forward and gives us the strength and hope to overcome every obstacle!
Aunt Rene said...
I like to think positively... I bet you are ejoying getting to spend a little more time with hubby since he isn't working job two... Thats a great thing.. Time with loved ones is priceless. I enjoy your blog when I can read it on my phone. but always enjoy the pick me up on facebook. Enjoy your day!!

Everyone make sure to send me your full name and address to  I am going to be out of town for the day.  So I will check email tonight and get on the ball with letting all the different reps know where to send all of the goodies!


  1. What a way to wake up!!! YAY!! Thank you sooo much!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah! I won! Thanks so much for the Mothers need a time out book! I sent you an e-mail with my information!

    dropcqueen at yahoo dot com

  3. WooHoo!!!!! I won on my first day back!!!! Thanks! You Positively made my Day!!!!


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