Sneak Peek with a Kick

 Happy Holidays....well almost.  I wanted to let you know I am going to have a 2010 Holiday Gift Guide this year.  Yeah, did my first last year and had a blast doing so.  Now the official kick off is 11-1-10.  But I wanted to do a lil sneak peek.
The beginning of our Fall we have a local festival called the Pow Wow. I so love going every year. Of course I eat my way through it as Carnival food is so indulgent. But, more so, I start getting all of my Holiday Gifts at this time. Sorta like my official kick off for Holiday Shopping.
Well this year I loved finding a great Texas product that I can share with so many of my friends and family. That is the Ranch Hand Jellies Jalapeno Jelly.  Now this is down home goodness.  Not only sweet as can be but has a nice lil kick.  If your looking to share a lil taste of Texas with your friends then consider getting your hands on a jar of this.
I was quite taken with the owner of this jelly company.  Linda and her husband are running a lil ranch company of their own.  All the jelly is made in small batches at home and processed in a great country kitchen.  They make all kinds of jelly but are small and are starting out.  You can call Linda at 817-703-1278 or email her at They only charge $5.00 for a jar plus shipping and handling.  It is approximately 8 ounces in size.   I want to thank her for letting me try the Jalapeno Jelly.  It sure is Kick *** , well, GREAT!  She can help you find your right Jalapeno jelly or one of their other flavors.  
The flavors are as follows:
Blackberry Jalapeno
Cherry Jalapeno
Cranberry Jalapeno (Just in time for  a Texas Holiday)
Honey Jalapeno
Lucifer Jalapeno (caution very hot)
Mango Jalapeno
Peach Jalapeno
Pineapple Jalapeno
Raspberry Jalapeno
They also have sweet fruits without jalapeno.
Apple Spice
Blueberry  (College Girl loves this)
Cactus Berry
Lemon  (My all time favorite)
Wild Plum  (Granny M's Favorite)
And ask her for her secret rib sauce...hint it has a kick to it!  Here is how I do it.
Texas Rib Topper
You can do this in your oven as well as on the smoker. Take a rack of spare ribs and rub with BBQ Rub of your choice or making and put on the smoker. Smoke the ribs at 225 for about 3 hours. Take about 6 oz of Ranch Hand Jalapeno Jelly and liberally coat the ribs. Wrap in foil and cook for approx 1 hour at same temperature. Then pull ribs and remove foil and let stand for about 45 minutes on smoker to firm up. Cut and serve.
And Ranch Hand Jellies is giving away one jar of the flavor of your choice to a lucky reader.  All you have to do is first off comment on your favorite flavor of jelly.  Look at the list of the ones they have above.  Next, well a extra if your a GFC with me!  I will give 5 extra entries for each jar of jelly you purchase from Ranch Hand Jellies (aka call Linda).  Make sure she knows you are ordering from Crazed Mind so she can tell me how many jars you ordered.  Then we can get the correct count for your entries.  You can also come back and leave 5 comments for each jar you purchase too.  I will match up your comments to Linda's sales.  Make sure I have your email so I can let the lucky winner know too!  Good Luck!


  1. I love the look of the honey jalapeno

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  3. My son would probably love the pineapple jalapeno!

  4. Ok I finally made it by to see your giveaways...I think that the honey, cherry, and the pineapple sound there anything else the I need to do to enter in this giveaway...I already follow you...


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