Please and Thank You

My grandmother was a teacher and a librarian.   Now I loved all the books she sent me each year.  I would get all the books they were taking out of stock.  So they would come in great big boxes by bus.  It was heaven to me.  But I also loved my presents for the holidays too.  I knew I would always get soap.  (I wondered just how dirty I was then?)  Oh what I would do for the fine milled soap she use to send me.  I would normally get some sort of fable or fairy tale or nursery rhyme book.  I adored them and know have so many memorized that I can always come up with a story for my Grandbabes or Princess Emma.  What a wonderful gift that was to help me as I became a 'nonnie'.  But I knew I would also get something to help me with my manners.
Now I was a very good, very quiet lil girl.  I behaved well and always wrote her thank you notes.  I never understood why I had so many books on manners.  Did my Grandmother think me a heathen?   I knew to keep my elbows off the table (it kills the table fairies I am told).  I still sit up straight and always push my chair in.  Gosh they teach that to kindergarten kids.  But manners were ever important to my grandmother.  She would have sent me Mrs. McVeigh's Magnificent Manners Show if it had been around at that time.  Actually I would have liked that compared to some of the books I did get.  Here Mrs. McVeigh and her wacked out assistant Professor Maynard help kids from 2 through 10 years of age to  learn manners with a quip and a smile.  But here are some you can practice with your kiddos before the big holiday meals start up.

I am thrilled to also offer one copy of the Dallas Texas woman's Manners DVD to one lucky winner.  (Just love she is from my home town.)  If you will please leave a comment with your pet peeve manner people forget then your entered.   Or what manner do you feel is not important to practice anymore?   Always leave your email so you can be reached too.  If you follow on GFC then note that in a comment for an extra entry.
DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this DVD to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.


  1. I think my biggest pet peeve is eating with your mouth open, smacking slurping etc. It's disgusting! I have been working on this with my kiddos, they seem to think it's a requirement at their age.

  2. My biggest pet peeve is holding the door for others... not just gentlemen should always hold the door.. but I love that someone is going in the door and as I reach for it they let it close.. Excuse me.. it takes one maybe two seconds of your time to be courteous to others..
    By the way... I"M BACK!!!! The Computer is working!

  3. I really miss bowing and wearing a big festive hat!

    not so much...

    My pet peeve is people who park in the handicap places because it will "just be a minute".

  4. I know I am getting older because I am observing a world without manners. I go out shopping and people will try and push me out of the way, rather than saying excuse me. People do not hold the door for you or say thank you or your welcome. Boy, do we need to bring back manners!


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