Hey, That's Me!

Over on Giveawayblogs.com they are having a poll for favorite blogger of the month of August. And I am on the poll!
Can you believe that?

I am floored.
Ok, Ok, I am sure it is because this is my birthday month....hint hint.
Yes next Sunday is the National Holiday. (Wait, that is what Dear Hubby told me?)
Anyway, wanna give me a birthday gift?
Well then go over and vote for me.
Just so I can feel amazed.

BTW, this is a great site to list and find good giveaways.
I adore the folks at UPrinting who set up this Ning site.
You can meet potential sponsors for your giveaways here too!

That is just a few of the good folks over there.


  1. Hey, hey! Congratulations. I'll go click the button to say Happy Birthday.

  2. Oh my goodness how awesome is that!! I just voted for you and um book marked the site. Great just what I need another place to find giveaways to enter to fuel my addiction. LOL!!

    So ya say you're birthday is coming up... I hope you have some special plans in the work and um if you're interested I give all my customers 20% off their Mary Kay order in their birth month to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :=)




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