Family Fun

We had so much fun that I have to share. Sunday was a day out for a family reunion. Now those are nice but not normally blog worthy. You know what I mean. The ususal, chatting, looking at family photos, wondering who belongs to who, eating way too many starches....they same ol thing.
And ours is not much different. But we find that it is the trip that makes our day.

On the way up to the gathering we picked up College Girl. She had gone out the night before to see the university present Red, White and Tuna. If you have not seen the Tuna, Texas plays then we really suggest you do. They are a hoot and a holler. But that aside, so we grabbed her and threw her in the backseat with the Grandson. And off we trucked on down the highway.

Now there was light conversation and banter. Most of it went more along the lines of "Semi, Nonnie, Semi" or "Cycle goes bye-bye...bye-bye cycle". And that can become quite mind numbing. And eventually we made it to our destination in one piece. Good times had by all.

Then we started back home. Well we made a detour and visited yet more family and friends. And then on the road again. Now there is no way I can tell you what all was said and how it was said or even why some of it was said. But between singing all the songs to the Mama Mia soundtrack we laughed. And I mean LAUGHED.

We did it all and did it right.

Laughed, hooted, hollered, giggled, tee-hee'ed and gawfed.
There was snorting, wheezing, labored breathing and breathing like we were in labor.
We needed pads to keep from peeing we laughed so hard. Heck, I needed Depends!
I slapped my knee and doubled over. I threw my head back and let the laughter rip from me.
We had tears running down our faces it was all so funny.

No I know none of it would make sense now. But there was comments about the signs for "Free Wife" (ok I can't really said Free WiFi....but I did not see that). The cell phones where Tweeting on Twitter and somehow it all translated into Twittled, Twattled, Titties and more. It was all in total punch-drunk sobriety that we broke down. And I have to say, had the best dang road trip you could ever imagine.

Well here is a listing of some of the tweets. Maybe they can make some sorta sense to you.

Driving into the edge of Disturbia
Joshua. Godly. No we're not in the Bible belt at all.
We are just left of the middle of nowhere headed to the center of who knows.
Hello, middle of nowhere! North, south, green, purple, yes, no, up, down, tomato.
Between the nephew's "bless you"s and the long drive through Godly, i think i'm on the road to sainthood.
We turned right so many times that we just turned into ourselves.
Sign reads Texas Forest Servic and then Airport. Isn't that hard on the planes landing?
Twitter seems to be the dirty word for the night. Lol. All because of a typo.
Laughing, coughing, choking, leaking, crying all over the twin twitters @livingbackstage tried to tweet!
Free wiffies on twittes! Rotflmfao!
This is the most interesting drive i have had in ages. Cant breathe. Cant stop laughing.
Laughing so I need Depends
Should College Girl be excited when she says 'I am a senior this year, I get to adopt a freshman.' We reply, 'But you have to feed them!'
Tonight's tweets prove the dangers of too much sobriety
All day on road, time with family, loads of laughter, makes today PRICELESS!

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  1. Oh but I am the mis-tweet queen. If its not from auto-correct, its me typing from the wrong account or something else. God help me, I love mis-tweets!


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