Passion for Princess Emma

I told you yesterday I am up for blogger of the month over at Giveaway Blogs. It is a poll thingy that you vote on one of three. I am Lenore Webb (yeah, my real name) there if you wish to add your vote...well for me that is.
Well they are sponsored by UPrinting, the online printing company that has sponsored so many of my giveaways here. They have been so nice to me, honestly.....don't even pay me for that one. But they have opened up to so many other things. And here is a newest one.
I have a chance to win $100 and a 16x20 rolled canvas from and They are having a photo contest with the theme of Passion. I was thinking of my passions. The first that popped into my head was Dancing. I love Dancing. But then family is also a major passion of mine. If you could just see my walls covered in generations of family photos. And then it occurred to me that I could have both for my passion. HOW?
Well you hear me talk all the time of Princess Emma. That is College Girls lil sister (actually half sister but we never think that way). Isn't she a beautiful Princess?
I just love her expressive face. And her love of fashion. Emma is always playing dress up here, at home and heck even in the stores. Look how well she can pull off this hat!

Well, Princess Emma adores dancing. She has given us some of the best ballets I have ever been too and right here in our own home. One day she danced her most expressive ballet all to the theme music of a TV show playing. We all had to clap and cheer for her.
Of course she can get her dance moves in. Here we think of her as being Ninja Emma. But actually she was getting her dance into the groove.
I think it is the joy on her face that gets me so. And of course knowing that she is showing us how her heart is so happy. You just have to smile when you see her dancing. Well since this post is an entry to the photo contest. I have decided that if I win, I would have the following photo of Princess Emma be the 16x20 rolled canvas print.  I did not take this photo but a great friend of mine did.  Jayde has some beautiful art work and shares it over on her Shutterfly gallery.  I am so lucky to have this photo of Princess Emma done by Jayde.  I know that if I win the rolled canvas print would go to Princess Emma's parents as a gift.
What do you think? Or is one of the others your favorite? What would be your passion? And how would I spend that $100? Bills or Food?
Disclaimer: This post is an entry to the photo contest.


  1. Wow. Since I have 2 girls with birthdays and a trip to NOLA coming up for my brother's wedding that would be a toss up. There are so many things I would love to get that I keep putting off. I have 4 kids w/ birthdays between June and October, I would use that $100 to help pay for birthday parties and presents. The canvas would have to be the black and white family picture that we had taken. I'm saving up for that too. Wow, thats a lot to do with $100. I am so indecisive LOL

  2. Hey Kiddo! I personally like the next to last photo of Emma where she is "swooped downward". I think that looks so COOL! As far as the way to spend the money, it depends on how much difference the amount would make. If you are very short on groceries, I would put it there. If not, and it would make a "dent" in your bills, I would put it there. I'm always good with spending other people's money LOL! God bless! By the Way, thank you for that scripture. I used it in my blog, but for some reason, I couldn't remember the verse and chapter numbers. That is not a good thing. I can quote scriptures right and left, but invariably if I do, someone will ask for the numbers and I always have to say, "I'll look it up". So thanks!



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