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Hey our friendly family of bloggers.

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I wanted to take the time to introduce three new blogs that have made it on the blogsphere.

So if you get the chance please pop in and say a how-de-do to these new folks.

Jayde's Little Corner
Terzula's World

I also thought I might share some info that has come my way too.

Tidbit #1--Gift Card Granny is the most recent member of The Frugals, which is a family of frugal living sites. Coupon Sherpa, Mr. Free Stuff and Mrs. Sweepstakes are the others. Gift Card Granny serves as the most comprehensive listing of discount gift cards on the Internet. Gift cards are not only ideal to purchase for someone else, but you can save money on everyday items by purchasing them, and then combining them with a coupon code from a website like CouponSherpa.com.

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Tibit #2--A new announcement from MedSafe, which has just entered a partnership with D.A.R.E. to help keep our children safe from the dangers of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. As part of the partnership, the MedSafe’s cost, which is normally $59.95, has been reduced to $39.95, for a limited time. I did a review of MedSafe not too long ago and was quite please with this product and the safety if ensures.

Tibit #3--I would like to extend to you a special coupon code from Piggy Paint . The code of THANKYOU15L will take 15% off EVERYTHING on the site, including Sale Items that would run through Valentine’s Day 2010 so that all Big & Little Girls can have beautiful and fun Piggies!

Tibit #4--The results are in which means election season is officially over. It’s time to take those campaign signs off the front lawn but instead of throwing them away, why not put them to good use! Disney Family Fun magazine recommends turning those old campaign signs into special birthday signs for your children. Just prime and paint them “Happy Birthday Ryan!” and reposition them in the front yard for a very special birthday surprise. Your kids will love this new tradition and the signs can be repainted and stored for years to come!

Tidbit #5--CouponMap.com is an online resource which allows users to search by zip code, address, geographical landmark or attraction to view a map of local coupons from nearby merchants that are redeemable offline. PricePlease.com is an online shopping resource that conveniently informs consumers about price drops on recent purchases or ‘wish list’ items. SeatCity.com is an online ticket aggregator that allows users to compare ticket prices for concerts, sporting events, theatre productions, cultural events and more.

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  1. Hey Kiddo! Sorry I've been missing you at Curves!When are ya gonna get back on schedule? LOL! HOpe you had a good time on your little excusion last week-end. Talk to ya soon!



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