Real Child Proof Medication

When your at someone's home do you look in their medicine cabinet? It seems 39% of people do. Well this is what you will find in my medicine cabinet.

Something different here than what you have found in other medicine cabinet? Well that is the Med Safe that is in there. It arrived at my home this last week. And I was so thrilled to see this special lil cabinet. You can place it in your bathroom medicine cabinet or in a drawer. But the great thing about this lil safe that you can lock up your meds. Keeping them out of the hands of lil ones.

This is how the box looked when it arrived. Do you know that I was thrilled to get to review the Med Safe. You see not too long ago I had a phone call from my niece. It seems her lil lady (2 yr old) had found the vitamin C and opened the bottle. She was not sure if she ate any or not and was unsure as to what to do. Of course we called poison control to ask for their help. And her lil lady was fine. (Thank God!) But I worry as there are many medications in my home. It seems that child proof caps are not that child proof at all. It also reported that about one out of every 180 two-year-olds visits an emergency department for a medication overdose each year.
With the Med Safe I can place all our our medication inside and then close it up. There is not a key to lose either. Instead a numeric code is programed in to open up the safe.
The state-of-the-art lock-box features 19,500 changeable combinations. You can pick the code that you wish to use also. This safe was big enough to place all of my Dear Hubby, my Mom and my own medications in. Hey, were aging so the meds pile up!

Now I am not worried of lil Emma getting into something she does not need to get into. And I am ordering one for my niece for her Christmas present so her lil lady can not find any more medications there. See Emma is all tucked in safe and sound here, just like my medications are.

A portion of each unit sold will support teen prescription drug abuse awareness programs through non-profits such as D.A.R.E. The product is presently available at for $49.95, and will soon be available in retail outlets nationwide.


  1. I never look in peoples medicine cabinets because I know that the really good stuff is never kept there, but in the underwear drawer instead.

  2. like that Idea! My hubby's cousin's little boy (4 years old) got hold of a bottle of Ibuprofin. Luckily he was ok also, but whoever does the child-proof caps I think needs to re-vamp their strategy and try something else. Does it hold large bottles, or just the regular perscription size? Remind me to ask you about that Tuesday.

    Love ya!


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    Love ya!



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