End of Week Tales

Well here it is Friday and almost the end of a busy week. What have you done this week?

Mine was somewhat structured craziness. I was lucky enough to be able to help out at Curves this week while the owner was out of town. So three days this week, instead of just working out I was able to help others in their workouts. I loved it....wish I could do this every week.

Of course there were 4 days this week that Emma (College Girl's 3 yr old sister) was at the house while her folks were at work. And then we never forget taking care of Mary's Antiques and Bed n'Bath. Of course I can not do all of these alone. Thankfully this week Nessa and Grandma have been pitching in. Nessa has been at the antique store and Grandma caring for Emma. What would we do without family and friends?

I also was able to spend an evening with Dear Hubby. Now if your here enough you know that is a rarity for me. We watched the movie August Rush last night. It was such a feel good show. I now am looking to get the soundtrack. Beautiful music.

Our area also had a down pour of rain. This cooled the area off and gave much needed water. But getting my laundry has suffered. So this weekend I need to get caught up there. Also the traveling nurse at the B & B will be leaving this weekend so I need to pop up there and do a through cleaning. Think that will be on Sunday.

Not amazing week, but a busy one that has kept me on my toes. Now if I could just shed some of this weight with all of my comings and goings! What are your 3 day weekend plans?


  1. Oh Lynette sounds like a busy week-like you I dont know what I would do without family and friends...
    august rush was such a sweet movie

  2. Hey Lynette! I take it you made it home from Curves ok. You had it goin' on girl! You act like an ol' pro at that job! Tammy's liable to start letting you do it regularly when we tell her how well you did. Hey guess what! I got my Followers back! Don't know what happened, just glad to have them. There was one person in the forum who lost 37! I hope they get their's back also. Anyway, just wanted to touch base. I didn't end up going to Mary's today, as I talked myself out of time. I had to get home as Don was waiting on me to go to Stephenville. See you Tuesday morning!



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