Too Cold for this Poop

Well there is a chill in the air around here. And a lil more so at my house. Why?
Hubby angry due to lack of dancing girls in the house? Nah! I am enough girl for him.
Grandma giving the frosty shoulder since she can not smoke inside? Nope! She loves her front porch full of plants.
Well why?
Because I leave our back door open for the pets to go outside (in the fenced in yard) to do their "business". So the chill from outside comes on in. But we are willing to be a lil cold to help out our pets.

No Dog PooP!!!Image by phil dokas via Flickr

Now this would be okay if they were doing just that. But, NOOOOOO!
For some reason they have decided that the dining room floor is so much nicer for a bathroom facility. Why??????
I have no idea. But I need help from all of y'all smart people. What can I do to stop this.

Ok there are guidelines for this task.
1. Yes I have cleaned it up and mopped the floor (over and over again with bleach).
2. We are not killing any dogs at all.
3. I am a sucker and do not want to put the pets outside to freeze when it is cold.
4. I am cheap so nothing expensive to fix, replace or redo with--okay!

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  1. You can get some spray at the Dollar Store called "Urine Gone" or something like that. They also have it at Gore's but I'm sure the Dollar Store would be cheaper. Anyway that might help and then Arm & Hammer Pet Odor Eliminator (Dollar Store). They are both like $2 or $3. I use them on some of the houses I clean and they seem to work pretty well. Other than that, I would suggest a baby gate across a specific area with tile or lenoleum. Hope that helps.

    Love ya!


    Oh! thanks for the comment about my "Out There" post. I had never read those scriptures before, at least I don't remember them. I thought that was neat. I really enjoy researching scriptures.



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