Secrets Girls Keep

There is so many secrets and superstitions that we all keep. For example today is Friday the 13th, a day many people fear. And weather the fear is real or unreal it still effects the outlook we have on life. Many young girls also have fears and secrets. And as a mother I always want to be there for my College Girl. In the book "Secrets Girls Keep", many of these subjects are addressed.

Anorexia, abuse, sexual activity, fear of rejection and many more of these topics are opened up. Here are the personal accounts from girls as they share the struggles they have been through. And by doing so we can learn how to overcome the hardships from such issues. And how to be there to help our girls grow and adapt as they become the ladies they are destined to be.

Topics include:

• Feel beautiful without going on a crash diet

• Navigate the ups and downs of dating

• Make and keep good friends

• Deal with school (the social scene and the grades)

• Phone and Internet safety and social media

I was touched that there was so many girls willing to share their personal history. And at the same time learned so much more that I am sure my own daughter had never told me. My College Girl will be home for a visit this weekend. It will be good to sit and talk. I know that I wish to share some of the things I have learned with her. And maybe we can help break the stress of silence for others in doing so.

Secrets Girls Keep: What Girls Hide (& Why) and How to Break the Stress of Silence
by Carrie Silver-Stock ($14.95) Silver-Stock is a mom of two and the founder of She is also the author of the award-winning book, The Powder Box Secrets. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri .

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  1. Send this book my way when you are done it sounds like something I will enjoy. I think I am going to try and come visit you guys soon.


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