Surprise for College Girl

College Girl received a new surprise from us (the loving Parental Units) this weekend. Well, first I want to say that CG is unique in most ways. She is not a girly girl at all but still loves fashion. So we are always on the lookout for something that just says HER. And we think we did it this time. We found her a titanium ring that is a concave band. It is different yet still simple (the way she likes things). And quality too! We even was able to have her initials engraved on the inside too.
What do you think? Pretty! Unique!
We love it and she was jumping up and down when she saw it. What a perfect production gift to give her for Saturday nights play at her University. See here is another shot of her ring.

I just had to share this with you. We have not found much that just says simple yet perfect at the same time. And to find this Titanium Wedding Band at a good price. (Of course, College Girl is not using it as a wedding band.) Well, I knew you would want to go and look and see what else is there. You can pop over to Tungsten Rings Online and find all kinds of bands. They have gold, platinum, ceramic, tungsten, milgrain, palladium, titanium and others still. And they have lifetime warranties on the rings. Check them out. Oh and here is a close up of College Girls ring. Isn't it beautiful in it's simple lines yet still unique. You can tell we love this ring.

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