Fall Fashonista

I am a fan of fashion shows. I may not be able to dress in the latest fashion but I do like to know what they are. And also seeing what is coming up each season. So I thought I would share some of the information with you this year.

First for the fall fashions waist are back in! Yippee! I love showing off the waist line I am

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beginning to have with my weight loss. So take the time to strap on that lil belt and show off the curves.
Another curve stopper is that high waisted jeans are back in. Drop those to pants that are falling off of you and go back to showing your form off. This I am very glad to see.
Oh and channel Audrey Hepburn because the lil black dress is back. Oh, how I agree that we all need a lil black dress in our wardrobe. Something that seems to go for all occasions. Add some jewelry for flair or wear with some boots to dress it down a bit.
Also the new fall/winter color for 2009 is tomato red! Yes, that dynamite color is coming up in coats, lipstick and making your blouse pop in that business suit.
Make sure you accessorize your outfit with chunky jewelry. I saw some wonderful necklaces this weekend at the pow wow. They were telling me I needed to add them to my wardrobe and it seems they were correct. Glad I know the artist so I can go back and get me a necklace or two. I would love to have a necklace like the one in the picture here. Wow, pearls and bling......just my thing.

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