Baby Makes 30+ Pounds

We all wonder how do we lose the baby fat after bearing that

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lovely bouncing bundle of joy. And for some of us it is easy. Look at Heidi Klum! She can go from a fashion diva being very pregnant to a fashion icon soon after delivering her baby.

Now we all wish it was that easy. Of course we do not know how hard Heidi works on her exercise and diet. We only know it seems effortless.

For the rest of us we scratch our heads and try old wives tales without much avail. Well that can change. How?
How about looking into the Baby Fat Diet. No, not that our babies need to loose weight! But how to take off those pounds we packed on while carrying that lil chunk of joy. Here we can see how different things work in our favor. From breastfeeding to learning how to eat for one again. Also how important it is to eat breakfast each day. (Hey ladies that is for all of us!) This book is filled with fabulous facts, exercise suggestions and menu plans. There are also some really wonderful recipes too! I especially like the baby fat tips space at the end of each chapter. A place where you can record your own notes and highlights.

We have a new member at the Curves I go to. She joined just to lose those extra pounds that are not coming off with just breastfeeding and chasing the TWINS she delivered. I know that tomorrow I will taking this book to her as a gift! She is working hard so I am sure that she will appreciate every extra bit of information that will help her.

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  1. i suppose it is a little easier when you are a big star, with people to watch the baby, cooks to handle healthy food prep and a personnel trainer!

  2. it is hard i'm hovering in the plus 20 range after 3 kids in 5 years but holy cow i didn't think i'd ever get this close to my goal. you would think with three kids to wrestle and play with it'd come off pretty easily. but of course not it's just as stubborn as the woman whose carrying them around.


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